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5 years ago

Great tips! Patience definitely is a virtue for traveling! It’s much easier to bypass a long drive with lovely scenery and spontaneous stops, but it’s almost impossible not to get a little bit of cabin fever in a plane. Entertainment and snacks are a must!


5 years ago

Thanks for these great tips! They’re perfect for the trips I’m planning for the end of summer!

Definitely be kind and patient! Probably the best advice :) Nothing worse than rude travelers.

Thanks for the tips! Can never forget about the snacks :D


5 years ago

These are great tips! I recently traveled to Chile for seven weeks for marine biology research, and there were a few things that I found to be helpful, too.
*If you want to bring a hat (one with form like a felt hat, not a beanie) with you, wear it on the airplane so that it doesn’t get smashed in your luggage.
*Wear a thicker jacket on the plane so you can stay warm when it’s chilly during the flight. You can also put it over your legs like a blanket.
*If the company that you are flying with has an app, get it. You can use it to get your boarding pass and it’s a great idea to screenshot the boarding pass and flight information in case you need it when you don’t have any reception such as during the flight.

5 years ago

You’re unlikely to see the same people over and over while traveling, so you can get away with just one necklace that goes with everything, or one scarf.
Put antipersirant on your feet to reduce the risk of blisters. You’re likely to walk more than you’re used to!

5 years ago

Great tips!
Comfort is key :) . A big stylish scarf that doubles as a pillow/blanket on flights. Email copies of all your travel documents to yourself including your passport in case you should lose any of them.
A friendly smile and hello go such a long way. from getting you served faster in restaurants and airports to making friends while abroad and even getting behind the scenes. :)
If you find yourself in an area you don’t feel comfortable in alone, walk confidently even if you don’t feel it, what you show on the outside people assume you feel.
Always carry handsanitiser !
Above all embrace the destination you’re in, whether that means trying the cuisine, kicking back with the locals, jumping off cliffs, snorkling with sea creatures or getting lost in it all.
Nothing is more bada** than a confident woman willing to embrace it all and love it while she does ;)

Julia Dance
5 years ago

I always take day panty liners to stay comfortable whilst on long flights. Sunscreen is essential, get your lashes/brows dyed and exfoliate before going to feel good and no extra accessories. Haircut to stay in style. Scarves. One small bag, one big. Be comfortable and relax. Ease of movement is everything to fully enjoy your break. Thank you for the extra packing tips. Always pack a few plastic bags for wet stuff on the move.

5 years ago

I love this!!! Trying to find wrinkle-free and versatile clothing for my 11 day vacation end of month! Also I love the being kind and calm – as most people are so stressed, it’ll be refreshing to be THAT person who is cool as a cucumber :)


5 years ago

Pack warm socks, a warm scarf that can be used as a wrap, panty liners, toothbrush, paste and moisturizer.
If you get stuck at an airport you can refresh easily.

5 years ago

Great tips – I always pack dry eye drops too (as the air conditioning on aeroplanes really dries my eyes out) and a scarf that doubles up as a blanket or wrap in case I get chilly. I normally wear a loose dress and leggings so I’m super comfy!

5 years ago

I love this! The key to a stress-less trip is planning, preparation, andddd a pair of socks for the freezing cold airplane.