Wellness Encyclopedia: How Hot Peppers Can Help Sore Muscles

Sore muscles? Achy joints? Here’s a secret ingredient to combat those aches and pains, naturally…

When our muscles ache or a joint begs for attention, it might be second nature to reach for the aspirin in demand of instant relief. And while there are certainly times when this is necessary, more often than not, our achy muscles and sore joints can be easily relieved the natural way. As a runner with a dash of sport-induced arthritis, I’m always on the lookout for new ways of caring for the aches and pains that inevitably spring up from time to time. When I’m not reaching for the arnica, my latest go-to has been an all-natural treatment from Native Atlas that contains a special ingredient: Capsicum annuum. Otherwise known as hot peppers, Capsicum annuum has the power to dissolve muscle soreness naturally. Today we’re taking a closer look at this unique ingredient. Learn all about Capsicum annuum below.

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What is it? Capsicum annuum is the plant species that encompasses a wide variety of peppers, both mild and hot, and includes the cayenne pepper. A natural fat-burner, anti-inflammatory and pain killer, when added to health and beauty treatments, like Native Atlas’ Muscle Rub Concentrate, the phytochemicals in Capsicum annuum have been shown to possess a wide variety of benefits, including increased circulation and better immune function, making it ideal for use in treating tired and sore muscles and joints affected by arthritis.


What are the benefits? When used to treat sore muscles, such as in a topical ointment, Capsicum annuum increases blood flow through the area by dilating capillaries, which increases circulation and blood flow, reduces pain and warms the muscles and tissues.


How do I use it? Apply an ointment containing Capsicum annuum to sore muscles or joints, and areas affected by arthritis. We love Native Atlas Muscle Rub Concentrate, or try your hand at making your own with our Homemade Ginger Cayenne Muscle Rub and our DIY Jalapeño Muscle Rub.

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7 years ago
7 years ago

Hotsauce in my bag. This is all really true! Hillary Clinton was criticized for saying she uses hot sauce and eats hot peppers – but it’s a fact! They’re incredible for their anti-inflammatory properties, and I’ll definitely add it into my recovery routine. Great article, love the illustrations too!
xo, Natalie http://natalieast.com