Wellness Encyclopedia: All About Supercritical Chia Seed Oil + How to Use It

Why chia seed oil is important and how it fits in with one of our favorite beauty brands!

The chia seed. Glitter of the wellness world, dark horse to better health. Did we ever expect to become so enamored with the little seeds that sprouted from the clay heads of every last-minute birthday gift given in the early 90s? By now, chia has come a long way from its pop culture origins and is more recognizable as a health food than anything else. Thrown on top of yogurt or mixed into a pudding, these teeny-tiny seeds pack a whollop of protein and fiber, but what about the oil? Turns out chia seed oil is just as nourishing, if not more so, for our skin and hair, and it happens to be one of the main ingredients of one of our latest beauty obsessions: Maya Chia’s The Revitalizer. Today we’re diving in to all the benefits of supercritical chia oil — what it is, what the benefits are, and how to use it — learn all about it below.

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What is it? Supercritical chia oil is the oil extracted from the chia seed. When extracted using the supercritical method patented by Maya Chia, the resulting oil is oxygen-free with zero impurities and contaminants, and the most potent chia oil on the market. Chia oil is the richest known source of plant-based antioxidants, omegas and minerals, and one of the most powerful whole-food antioxidants on the market. When applied to skin, chia seed oil absorbs rapidly, boosting hydration and skin function, and protecting the lipid layer of the skin. Because of the high levels of zinc and vitamin B6, chia seed oil makes an excellent treatment for acne and aging skin.


What are the benefits? Chia has been cited as one of the richest sources of plant-based antioxidants, including omega-3. When applied to skin, chia oil boosts hydration and reduces water loss while increasing the overall function of the skin. Supercritical chia oil is a full-body oil, meaning it can be applied all over the body, from head to toe. Use it to hydrate dry hair, as a facial oil, and to soothe and nourish skin.



How do I use it? 

– Apply chia oil to sun damaged skin to reduce redness and encourage healing.

– Mix a few drops of chia oil into your moisturizer to boost hydration.

– Smooth chia seed oil onto freshly washed, slightly damp skin to seal in moisture.

– Use chia seed oil as a massage oil.

– Apply chia seed oil to chapped lips.

– Rub chia seed oil into cuticles.

– Apply to split ends.

-Apply to skin affected by psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

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7 years ago

Great post dear! Thanks :)

7 years ago

I have eczema, so this sounds very interesting to me! I’d love to try something new to help it heal!


7 years ago

To bad u stopped posting diy.
Any recommends on home remedies with chia?

7 years ago

So far I’ve only eaten chia, never used it in beauty.