Keep Your Brow Game Strong

 Quick and essential tips for shaping and filling your brows, naturally…
Kelley Hughes is the co-owner of Philadelphia’s Parlour Salon, and master of all things beautiful and nourishing. And… entrusted with of many of the brows that grace our home office staff’s faces. We asked her to share with us — and you — her best tips for keeping our eyebrows looking their best. Remember, sometimes less is more…
Always remove your makeup before bed. The most important tip for full and healthy brows? Keep your skin and hairs follicles clean. Dirt, makeup and oil can clog pores, in a sense suffocating the pores and hair follicles. Removing these impurities allows oxygen to successfully penetrate your skin. The act of removing makeup and dirt after a day of work and play actually stimulates the skin and blood circulation which, in turn, provides a good start for any hair growth.
Castor oil has been given lots of props in helping stimulate hair growth in both brows and lashes, as it’s rich in vitamin C, proteins and minerals which nurture and strengthen the hair follicle. To use: apply oil each night before bed with a clean mascara wand. Simply dip the wand in the oil (not too much) and brush it on your brows, making sure that the oil is covering your brows entirely. Move the wand back and forth, creating a bit of a massage with the bristles. This will stimulate the hair follicles.
When it comes to actually SHAPING your brows:
Allow an expert to help you! Ask a friend (hopefully one whose brows you admire), or do a little research to find a great brow professional. This is KEY! Because…not every person who “waxes” or “threads” or “shapes”  brows is an expert. Be sure to get a trusted referral — an expert brow professional will help you achieve the best results for YOUR face. Be sure you heed their suggestions, re: how to maintain your brows.
For those of you who shape at home, here’s a simple but sometimes overlooked hint: ONLY tweeze a hair that lies far below the actual brow shape. Do not tweeze anything that may be part of the bigger picture.
When filling in your brows:
Ask your brow expert to teach you the best method for your personal brow situation. :)
Using a quality brow product will only help your cause. Full Brow is a fantastic line (enhanced with nourishing vitamins and minerals) made especially to fill in and create a natural gorgeous brow! Depending on your brow needs, you can choose from a wide range of products :
Brow Wax is great to set and create a base to fill in your brows. Brow Smudge is available in a wide range of colors to complement your skin and hair color, and to achieve the best look possible!  A quick and easy remedy for perfectly filling a brow, Brow Powder is creamy and creates volume for those that need a bump up in that area — this, too, comes in a great color palette and can be applied with ease.
Consider layering or combining any of these products — the results can really be amazing!
Go from a natural daytime look to a  bold nighttime brow with drama quickly…in other words:
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3 years ago

Wow, these picks look AMAZING.

Hannie from Missing Wanderer

3 years ago

Great article, thanks the imfo. The Dame