Flavored Kombucha + 4 Recipes to Try at Home

We join up with Health-Ade as they teach us how to make our own flavored kombucha at home.

Last week, FP Escapes sponsors Health-Ade were gracious enough to share their insight into the world of kombucha. (Read about it here.) Today, they’re back to show us how to make our own kombucha  WHILE sharing four of their favorite recipes. Take it away, friends…

How To Make Kombucha

7 organic green and or black tea bags
1 cup organic white sugar
1 healthy SCOBY
1 cup “starter fluid” (old kombucha)
Clean 1 gallon glass vessel, cheesecloth or clean t-shirt, rubber band, wooden spoon.

Step 1: Make Sweet Tea:
Boil water and add tea bags. Let tea steep for 5 minutes.
Remove tea bags, add sugar, stir with wooden spoon to mix.
Let tea cool to room temperature or until you can comfortably touch it.
Pour sweet tea into clean glass vessel.

Step 2: Add starter fluid to glass vessel
Use old kombucha (Health-Ade Original works great)!

Step 3: Add SCOBY

Step 4: Cover with cheese cloth & rubber band.

Step 5: Allow to sit in a warm, humid space with good ventilation. Laundry Rooms are ideal. The top of a refrigerator works, too.

Step 6: Check on your kombucha after 7 days.
Taste with a wooden (no metal!) spoon, looking for a slightly vinegar flavor.
Taste is a personal preference — some people like a sweeter kombucha, others like sour. The longer you let your brew ferment, the more sour she will be.

Step 7: When your kombucha has reached your desired level of sweetness, remove SCOBY and add any flavors you like. Put a lid on your brew and allow to sit for a few more days until it is bubbly. If you added a sweet flavor like beet juice, your kombucha will produce bubbles faster. This process takes 3-10 days. Check periodically.

Step 8: When your brew is nice and bubbly, you can pour into sealed bottles or jars and refrigerate. Or, feel free to keep the kombucha in its original brewing vessel.


…And here are some fun recipes to try at home as you make your own kombucha! The recipes are for per gallon jar, but don’t be afraid to play around with quantities & flavors.

The Beauty Beet
1 cup cold pressed beet juice
4 dill sprigs
Sliced cucumber

Blueberry Refresher
1 cup cold pressed blueberry juice
1/2 cup cold pressed lemon juice
10 sprigs mint
2 sprigs lavender

Lime Thyme and Carrot
1 cup cold pressed carrot juice
1/2 cup pomegranate juice
Juice of 1 lime
2 sprigs thyme

Health-Ade Pomtini
1 1/2 oz premium vodka
1 sleeve passion flower bitters
1 tsp simple syrup
Health-Ade Pomegranate Kombucha
Crushed ice
Lime wheel


Combine vodka, bitters and simple syrup. Fill glass with ice. Top with Health-Ade pomegranate kombucha and mix. Garnish with lime wheel.

Check out these adorable take-home kombucha kits that Health-Ade made for our FP Escapes guests!

Thank you, Heath-Ade! Check out their website and follow them on Instagram.

Photos by Tina Deleon. Follow Joanna on Instagram.


  1. Very very coool! On a side note, the word “Scoby” is actually an acronym: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. FUN FACT!

  2. Coffee filters are preferable as cheesecloth allies fruit flies access to kombucha!!! Also, use 2 c starter; starter is more important than SCOBY!!!!! Remember to save 2 cups for the next batch!!!

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