Why You Need: Flora Remedia

Harnessing the power of flower essence to embrace whole-body and -mind wellness…

This post comes to us from our beauty contributor, Allie White.

When you feel your best on the inside, chances are it reflects on the outside as well. But with busy schedules and dozens of things vying for your attention at any given moment, the question often becomes how to make this happen.

Taking time for self-care is easier said than done, but it’s the key to a happy, healthy body and radiant appearance, a belief at the core of Flora Remedia, a line of 100% natural, easy-to-use, aromatherapy perfumes out of Australia.

Believing whole-heartedly in the healing energy of nature and the ritual of self-care, Flora Remedia harnesses the power of flower essence and essential oils to craft unique blends that let the wearer easily embrace whole-body and -mind wellness.

How can oils and flowers change the mind and body, you ask? Through oil therapy and pulse points, of course!

And what’s a pulse point? We’ve got you covered.


Think about the last time you watched a show that involved medical professionals. Those spots on the neck and wrist where the doctor places two fingers to check for a pulse and make sure the patient is alive? Pulse points. In medical terms, these are the spots the pulse can be most strongly felt thanks to a combination of physical factors.

In self-care terms, these spots on the body tend to run hotter — body heat is generated more strongly at a pulse point — and this heat can help intensify a scent applied on or near it, amplifying the aromatherapy benefits. These areas of the body are also where blood vessels sit closest to the skin, so anything applied there will absorb into the blood stream faster, speeding up its dispersion through the body and in turn, its healing effects.

Applying Flora Remedia’s blends to your pulse points — inner wrists, temples, behind the ears — will activate them via body heat. Once activated, they’ll serve you in two ways.

The first is when they’re inhaled through the nose. The aromatic molecules make their way to your olfactory nerves, which carry them to the limbic system in your brain, which in turn lets them work their magic on your endocrine (controls the hormones that mess with your mood) and nervous systems (handles instinctive bodily functions like heart rate and digestion).

While all of this is happening, the blend is also sinking into your skin and being absorbed by your blood stream. As they travel through your body, they’ll be delivered to specific organs and system where they’ll get to work.

Since each Flora Remedia infusion is crafted with the utmost care, serious attention is paid to how each will benefit the body and mind, and the blends are designed to work on both a physical and emotional level to treat a range of issues. Feeling stressed?  A calming blend of white chestnut, elm, beech, holly and rose geranium will sooth and center. Exhausted? The combination of sweet orange, clove leaf, fennel sweet, cinnamon bark, cardamom and black pepper essential oils will perk you right up and five your brain a much-needed kick start.

According to Flora Remedia founder Maddy Dixon, a total mind-body approach is an incredibly important part of wellness, but it’s often overlooked by cosmetics companies. Sure, perfume can make you smell nice, which may make you feel happier every time you get a whiff of the scent, but why stop there? “If you can have products that are effective and beneficial physically, why not add emotional benefits?”

And when your body is working the way it’s supposed to, your emotions are balanced and you’re taking time every single day to do something god and nice for yourself, the benefits will extend outward.

“Lasting beauty is the result of a combination of inner harmony and a self-care care regimen for your body, face and hair involving natural plant, flower and fruit extracts and elixirs,” says Dixon. “It is pretty amazing what plants can do — I’m constant fascinated by the natural world.” We’ll inhale to that!


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One more inspiring and informative post. Love it

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