Food for Your: Ban on Blemishes

In the spirit of Notes from the Chair, but giving you new life through the magic that is food…

This week, Jolene Hart lists out her 3 favorite foods for fighting blemishes:


pumpkin seeds, kimchi and turmeric. See below for what makes each one necessary for your diet — your skin will be so much happier for it.


Pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds’ key ingredient — zinc — helps to fight breakouts by boosting immune function, the number one control over inflammation.



Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made of fermented vegetables, does wonders for your digestion which, in turn, affects complexion. The probiotics created in the fermentation process support optimal nutrient absorption and elimination, which will lead to clearer everything!



Arguably a very potent and beneficial herb, turmeric — and its main compound curcumin — is key to reducing inflammation and provides exceptional antioxidant protection against future damage to your skin. *Note – turmeric also can leave potent stains, so be mindful of where you grate your fresh root. ;)

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  1. every morning i make a golden milk with almond milk, tumeric, baobab powder, alternative coffee (chicory) and nutmeg. Delicious!!!

  2. Really, kimchi!?! Geez, I love kimchi! If only I know where to buy it here, I would stock myself with these goodies. I can only eat kimchi if I go to Korean restaurants and we only have 2-3 here in the city!

  3. Hi Jolene,

    I am always in search turmeric skin care products. In fact, I have collections of beauty and skin care products with turmeric, I find them really effective to my skin. I have also tried using pumpkin seeds to some of my menus. When it comes to kimchi, I have had not tried eating them, but will try them sooner. Thank you for sharing.

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