Food For Your: Hydrated Skin

Bringing you new life through the magic that is food…

In the last of our series with author/health coach Jolene Hart, we list out 3 of our favorite foods to keep you and your skin healthy, happy and hydrated!


1. Avocado

The nutrient-dense but becoming-rarer-by-the-second avocado… it’s the presence of antioxidant vitamin E that keeps skin cells strong and hydrated.


2. Cucumbers

Made up of 95% water, this fave veggie produces a slow and steady stream of hydration to your body as you digest it. Don’t forget about naturally-occurring silicon, which aids in developing your connective tissues, resulting in brighter and healthier skin.


3. Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are packed with beauty minerals, including the super-healthy, yet hard to find fat GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which restores moisture and lowers inflammation.

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