FP Book Club: Why I Wake Up To Words

Take a break from each impending day, learn a new word, and be the inspiration that a book will bring you.

It’s six o’clock in the morning. My tea is steeping, and my eyes are sleepy. I flip on the news, and instantly turn it off. Too negative. So I grab a book.

Before I release our fall book list, I wanted to share how waking up to words has helped me approach my day. I’ve been working on kissing the television goodbye for a bit, avoiding the negative noise, and giving my imagination some time to explore the pages.


Here’s what I’ve learned.

Books Are Magical. They transport you from reality. I truly believe in daydreaming, escaping, and falling in love with fairy tales. It’s important. The way I begin my day sets the tone for it, which is why I like to get up a bit earlier and give myself some time to dive into another world through words.

Word. I’ve been choosing one word during my reading time to learn and use throughout the day. This gets your brain going a little bit more and, hey, a broad vocabulary is certainly a powerful thing.

Be Inspired. Morning reading energizes both the left + right side of the brain. I let characters and stories spark creativity, and my critical and analytical thinking works through the pages. It’s a great mental exercise to let yourself relax while work.

This week, I challenge you to read [at least] one chapter of a book each morning. Take a break from the stresses of each impending day, learn a new word to expand your knowledge, and feel the inspiration those pages will bring you.


+ I’ll be releasing our Fall Book list in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! What books would you like to read this month? Let me know in the comments!

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6 years ago

I totally agree with you here! Love reading throughout my day, I couldn’t imagine it being differently.

Hannie from Missing Wanderer

6 years ago

Yes! I’ve been doing this for years. TV can be so draining. Keep it up!

6 years ago

i actually really think i need to do this, waking up and reading instead of staring at a screen. I think it’d be so beneficial towards my soul. I really love reading too and you are so right. books are truly magical


6 years ago

Reading is wonderful! Yes, it transports, and if you want to learn something new-READ! It’s all there…I’ve learned if I can I can read about it and then apply it I can do anything!

6 years ago

I`m currently reading Patti Smith`s Just kids and I have to confess it almost got me late to work. I just can`t put it away and leave to the office, it`s too good.

6 years ago

I agree but… I always have to take a walk or do some jumping jacks or something because if I read immediately, I will fall back asleep lol. Afterwards though – on to a better world!


6 years ago

I’ve been reading Yann Martel’s The High Mountains of Portugal. It’s pretty good!

6 years ago

Saw this post yesterday and read two chapters this morning before work and I’m happy to say thank you. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished and felt relaxed instead of nervous which the news always makes me be. Will be my new routine

Book Club suggestions are – The Lake House, Modern Lovers, Orphan Train

Thanks again

6 years ago

Yes! And book characters are always great outfit inspiration!!!

6 years ago

I really need to do this. My days always start out hectic, with me running through the house trying to get ready in a hurry because I was late getting out of bed. Waking up a little earlier with some earl grey and a good book may be just what I need to start my day out on a calmer note. I’m currently reading A Tree Grew in Brooklyn. I’ve been reading it slowly because it’s just that good. Can’t wait to see what’s on the Fall reading list, because I need some new book recommendations. I was actually thinking about starting the Harry Potter series, because (gasp) I haven’t read any of those books yet. And after watching the movies and having a friend who is completely obsessed, I’m really wanting to read them.

My book recommendations: Looking for Alaska, Light Between Oceans and A Tree Grew in Brooklyn

6 years ago

I’m currently reading Harry Potter but I have no more books left out cause I’m moving :( can’t wait to hear your fall suggestions, I might have to make a new purchase.

6 years ago

You know, I have stopped watching cable for a few weeks now, and it really makes a difference. I used to love to read when I was younger and now after grad school, I have lost the good sense of it. I have like three or four books in my nightstand waiting to be finished and I don’t do it. It’s kind of hard for me to get up really early to read, but I guess, there is no hard in trying. I really like the idea of waking up and freshening up with new ideas and reading may help get the morning boost going.
Thanks for the tip

6 years ago

I love reading, it’s relaxing and lets face it a book can take you anywhere in the world. I started reading as a young girl and I read usually at night when I go to bed I can’t imagine falling asleep without at least reading a chapter in a good book. My most recent books are a series by JD Nixon called the Little Town Books, she also has a series called the Heller Books, and both are excellent.

6 years ago

I really needed get up earlier in the morning. I feel it would benefit me so much. I do a bit of reading on my morning and evening commute and it’s great to just escape for a while!