FP x Girls Inc.

Building trust, goals and friendship… the beauty of Free People x Girls Inc.

To say that we at Free People are humbled by the women in our community is a pretty significant understatement. For those of you who look to us for empowerment, growth, confidence and self-building, we thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. At the end of the day, all that matters is you.

We recently forged a very special relationship with Girls Inc., in hopes of further spreading our love to those girls/women in need of exploration, as well as establishing and attaining their dreams. Girls Inc. enables them to be successful without limitations, and last week’s visit with 15 members of its Philadelphia-based affiliate program proved to bring a few of those girls closer to reaching their goals.

The collaborative career exploration workshop presented an opportunity to learn firsthand about the many career paths within our industry, hosted by 7 of home office’s best, and highlight what many of us know to be true: sometimes it’s the hard roads that take you to the very place where you’re meant to be.



Carly: The girls’ feedback about our product was really insightful, and their enthusiasm really refreshing!”

Sunny: “One of the girls told me that she had heard about the college I attended, and wanted to go there, too, for fashion design. I told her she should go for it! How amazing to work with a young woman toward achieving her long-term goals.”

Amy: “There were 2 comments made during the event that marked its success for me. One was from a girl who commented during the tour that she was inspired to start sewing again. Another was from a girl who said she didn’t know she wanted to pursue fashion until today!”

Anne: I felt very lucky for having been part of the girls’ first experience with our brand and FP culture.”




Take some time and get to know Girls Inc. and the incredible work they do. XO


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3 years ago

Have been a customer for a while and I do complement you on the Girls movement. I think it would be a great idea if you used some of these young women in your catalog. This will show the industry that you are serious about inspiring All girls, women of different sizes and cultures. Right now your models are of one size.