FP Me to You: Introducing Michelle Collins

Otherwise known as The Urban Nomad. One of the raddest and baddest of our FPMe gals.

This post comes from our dear friend and FP Me muse, Michelle.

My name is Michelle Collins. I am a native New Yorker (born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens and now back in Brooklyn). My mother is from Barbados. I love that I grew up in a place that has allowed me to discover every culture and style while affording me the opportunity to experience my own. I crave the hustle and bustle, as much as those opportunities to steal away into a quiet space with my friends and just take a breather. I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home.


Rococo Leopard Maxi Dress, Blouch Slouch Cardi


My dream? To be a creative director who creates multicultural branding while retaining the company’s inherent voice. Having grown up in the city and being exposed to so many diverse cultures has fueled my desire to represent them all via various campaigns and, in this day and age, why not?

I have been an active member of the FP Me community for just over 3 years, and I consider the Free People team family. Being a part of this unique circle has allowed me to meet people (in person and online) from all over the world who represent the FP identity: confident, carefree and in love with life. Each experience has made me more comfortable in my skin and encouraged me to embrace who I am — with no apologies. So it only make sense that my mantra for 2016-2017 is: “Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful.” To be able to approach anything without fear (of failure, rejection, etc) is more than half the battle.


Belmont Leather Clog, High Rise Roller Skinny, Fire Island Top


Eclipse Brami, FP One Moonlight Garden Pants

Throughout month of September, find me here to learn about my beauty regimen, musings on health, and where I go to unplug and unwind in the busy city of New York.
This week, I have the pleasure of attending an FP Me x Polaroid event in the Catskills (which I’m so excited about), which I’m hoping will get my creative juices flowing again. I will be sharing that with you guys next week.

In the meantime, check out Michelle’s blog and follow her on InstagramTumblr and Fohr!


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Amazing photos!



That Alfie Friday is such a talented photographer!!

Beautiful photos! I love the mission that you strive to achieve, and it’s wonderful that you have found / embraced yourself along the way.

The Wanderful Soul Blog


Michelle you look amazing! I’m glad that you’re still following your dream! You’ve been ambitious for as long as I can remember and I’m happy to see that you haven’t lost that! Love you– Lizzy Bee


Always love seeing you on the blog girl … Love your mantra for the year

You really are beautiful Michelle.. I adore all the picture you posted. Very Lovely.


Awesome the world is your oyster go for it!!


So proud of you keep growing!!

If everyone lived a free life they would have no time to interfere in other people’s and more people could be happy in their own skins and n to be jealous of things.


bajan love

Abby Sweigart