FP Me to You: Natural Beauty

I am a steward of everything that has been given to me, including my body…so I pay attention to it!

This post comes from our dear friend and FP Me muse, Michelle.
A raging battle with eczema — one which left my skin scarred — prompted me two years ago to integrate natural beauty into my daily skin regimen. With time and this newfound care, my skin healed and cleared. And so, I decided it was only right to go back to basics, omitting unnecessary fragrances and chemicals from my product assortment. Which then led me to revaluate my entire body routine, from head to toe.
My morning rule of thumb is simple: hair and makeup shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes total. And my #1 skin rule is all about keeping it moisturized.
For over 6 years, my signature hairstyle has been a shaved blonde one. Once I decided to grow it out (for my upcoming wedding!), I knew I had to adapt my hair care routine in order to achieve healthy, colored hair. My tricks? A weekly deep condition using a hair masque made especially for a tighter curl pattern, and using a shampoo that caters to keeping my blonde hair vibrant (Lush’s Daddy-O is my favorite). I use a hair-and-scalp serum daily to keep it healthy and detangled!
My skin is naturally oily, which I used to despise growing up, but have now embraced. During the summer this translates to wearing no makeup (save for concealer and mascara) and, in cooler months, a pressed powder to control oil production. I use only vegan, perfume-free face washes, as well as a blemish serum (on my trouble areas) in the morning and before bed.
Natural deodorant is a must in my life. I have been using it for over two years now, and I can’t imagine anything else, switching between both bars and solids, as they keep my skin soft and clean-smelling. My go-to, however is one that my mother used to use — coconut oil in warm weather with added shea butter in the colder months. Once I step out the shower, I apply coconut oil to my damp skin — it keeps me moisturized the whole day.
I always remind myself that I am a steward of everything that has been given to me, including my body. So I pay attention to it, listen to it and make notes for both things that work and those that unfortunately don’t, as both prove to provide you with valuable lessons on taking optimal care of yourself.
Next week will feature the last of my FP Me to You posts. I can’t wait to share with you some of my little getaways in this busy city of New York.
Read Michelle’s blog and follow her on InstagramTumblr and Fohr!
Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose
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4 years ago

Thank you so much! These are great tips. I will definitely be applying the 10 minutes rule and coconut oil on damp skin <3

4 years ago

Love this post!

4 years ago

Great beauty tips, have a friend who is a make up artist, i will be sure to forward this post to her

Lovely tips on beauty, must read for beauty buffs

4 years ago

Loved this article, can totally relate as me myself have been suffering from eczema and still do today. Could you perhaps do some posts on helping keep eczema at bay (with the eyelids and the body) along with taking care of sensitive skin? I’ve tried various ways to help my dryness but from stress and flaring recently, it’s been hard to treat it. – _ –