Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 12–18

Find out what’s happening in the stars this week…

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August 23–September 22

Mercury in Virgo has encounters with both Mars and the sun this week, giving you the impetus to speak up. But since Mercury is still retrograde, you’re better off not saying too much. Use the burst of mental energy to ponder personal matters, and resist the urge to try to make yourself understood. And no snap decisions — wait until much later in the month to reach final conclusions. The sun in your sign is squabbling with Mars, so you’re apt to feel irritable and could get into a disagreement. Find a good physical outlet if you need to vent some aggression. If you don’t want to exercise, tackling a home project would be a smart choice. Private sexuality is also favored, since Mars is vibing with Uranus in your intimacy house. In addition, you might opt to confront your emotions or memories in an effort to make psychological progress. Venus’s opposition to Uranus indicates that you may not get what you want from someone and should be willing to balance your own desires with those of other individuals. This week’s lunar eclipse occurs in your one-on-one angle, spelling a turning point in a close relationship such as a breakup or reaching a new level of commitment. A bond is likely to be tested, and you may need to compromise or walk away, but don’t do anything rash; wait a bit for the dust to settle.



September 23–October 22

Retrograde Mercury in your subliminal corner battles Mars in your communication sector this week, putting you in danger of saying something untoward. You’ll need to be very aware of your thoughts and words if you hope to avoid a conflict. The sun is also sparring with Mars, so whatever is going on with you beneath the surface is likely to influence your interactions. Be careful not to engage in regressive behavior. Notice how subconscious intentions can drive your actions. Spend some time alone processing your emotions and reflecting on the past. Pay attention to your dreams, and seek intuitive insights. Mars is vibing with Uranus in your one-on-one angle, giving you a chance to connect with another person and stimulate your mind. Asserting your ideas and opinions while remaining open to those of others will gratify you. You might meet someone new now, especially if you go out of your way. Venus in Libra is opposing Uranus, reminding you to give people space and allow individuals and relationships to change. Socializing with a variety of people is favored, but there are bound to be disruptions in your connections, so don’t expect other people or your rapport with them to be predictable. The lunar eclipse could bring on a health or work crisis or sudden busyness; this is an opportune time to break a bad habit. Feeling organized and useful will be to your advantage.



October 23–November 21

Mercury retrograde in your network sector is fighting with Mars in your worth house this week, suggesting you could disagree with friends or a group, and money, possessions, values or priorities are likely to be the problem. The sun and Mars are having nearly the same fight, making it extra difficult for you to see eye to eye with people and make use of your resources in a collaborative effort. Give some thought to how well you and a friend fulfill each other’s needs or how well you fit into a group dynamic. Mars is gelling with Uranus in your efficiency corner, enabling you to utilize your assets to make progress with your work, your health or your productivity level. Confident self-assertion based on your abilities is apt to pay off, especially if you take an innovative approach. A change involving your skills, routine or responsibilities can get your bank balance moving in the right direction, and this might be a good time to start a new daily financial habit. Venus’s opposition to Uranus hints that your desire for peace and quiet could be disrupted by everyday circumstances that require you to get busy. Try to alternate between getting things done and releasing your cares. A lunar eclipse might spell a creative or romantic turning point, and you’ll almost certainly feel an urge to enjoy life — which could nudge you into taking more risks with your heart.



November 22–December 21

Mercury is still retrograde at the top of your chart, and it’s quarreling with Mars in Sagittarius this week, so you should watch your tone with higher-ups and avoid making snap decisions that affect your career or your status. The sun is also feuding with Mars, making it hard for you to shine the way you’d like to. You’re apt to push too hard in your efforts to make a good impression and may seem overly aggressive or ambitious. The sun and Mercury are holding a meeting, encouraging you to reassess your PR, your image and your goals — and contemplate what adjustments you could make. You have the impetus to do and say a lot, but should try not to go overboard in public or on the job. However, Mars is meshing with Uranus in your self-expression house, facilitating impromptu fun, ingenious creativity and surprising romance, so do give yourself permission to play. Not taking yourself too seriously would be a good move this week. Feel free to assert your individuality and feelings in a way that enlivens or entertains you. With Venus opposing Uranus, doing so may put you out of sync with a friend or group, and you might feel torn between pleasing others and pleasing yourself. The lunar eclipse hints at an emotional shift or a change in your family or living situation and a need for comfort and security.



December 22–January 19

With Mercury retrograde in your outlook zone and fighting with Mars in your subliminal corner this week, you’ll find it challenging to keep your mind in the present. Regrets over past actions could preoccupy you, or you might work against yourself by jumping to conclusions. You’re apt to become irritable when expressing your views and although you’re itching to speak up, you’d do well to reassess your viewpoint. Aspire to be wise and conscious, and don’t assume you know more than you do. Opening up your belief system and rethinking your personal philosophy can revitalize you during this period. A fresh perspective can push you to forsake self-defeating behavior, driving change. Mars is collaborating with Uranus in your foundation angle, encouraging you to confront repressed emotions and move beyond an outdated modus operandi that no longer serves you. You need to try a different way of dealing with your feelings and your mistakes now. As Venus moves into an opposition with Uranus, your public or professional image will be affected by your changing moods. Although you want to make a good impression, you may have to deal with something that arises at home. A lunar eclipse might bring new information to light or induce a deluge of thoughts, overwhelming you. Drama with a sibling or in your community is also possible, and you could feel pulled in different directions. Reserve comment and judgment for now.



January 20–February 18

This week’s Mercury-Mars spat involves your sharing and network houses, complicating trust, intimacy and friendship. Avoid spilling secrets, and reconsider an urge to confide in someone. The sun is also skirmishing with Mars, so it won’t be easy to merge your interests with those of others and collaborate. It might be best to disengage from a conflict and do some deep thinking on your own. Reflecting on a loss, a major change or a psychological issue can help you reach resolution within yourself. Dialogue in a close relationship is apt to cover old ground and may not lead to mutual understanding. Mars is vibing with Uranus in your thinking-and-talking corner, suggesting that group activities can refresh your mindset, or you might hit on a new approach to a group effort. Flexible thinking is essential. You could end up talking to new people who stimulate your mind, so make a point of circulating. Venus in your exploration zone is facing off with Uranus, though, hinting that your inclination to connect with a broader range of humanity could achieve inconsistent results, and your rapport with others might be disrupted if you say something random. The lunar eclipse in your worth zone may prompt a financial splurge or a sudden need for security. Make the most of the possessions and talents you already have, and be willing to let go of something you don’t really need.



February 19–March 20

Retrograde Mercury in your one-on-one angle clashes with Mars in your ambition house this week, making it more difficult for you to communicate with a partner or boss and to have a conversation about where a relationship or your career is headed. Resist the impulse to hash everything out right now, as you’re apt to come on too strong. The sun is also fighting with Mars, so part of you is willing to negotiate and compromise, but part of you is inclined to push to attain your own objectives. Reflecting on a relationship would be productive, especially if you focus on the role you play in it and how you’re expressing yourself. Mars and Uranus are in sync, nudging you to work toward a goal and thereby generate a change in your finances or your self-confidence. Using your resources and talents in a different way will prove effective. Venus’s opposition with Uranus hints that inconsistent needs or erratic self-worth could interfere with closeness. This week’s lunar eclipse lands in Pisces, making you extra sensitive and potentially temperamental. Don’t let your mood affect your behavior around higher-ups. Alone time can help you to decompress, especially since Merc retro may have you feeling tongue-tied and misunderstood. Put yourself first if you’re on overload, and consider releasing someone or something from your life down the road if that thing or person seems to be what’s pushing you to the brink now.



March 21–April 19

Critical thinking clashes with bold action this week, when Mercury in your efficiency corner spars with Mars in your expansion house. Your risk assessment isn’t on point, so even a leap of faith that you’ve analyzed beforehand may not go as expected. You might also have a difference of opinion over the right way of doing something, and with Mercury backtracking, such discussions are unlikely to lead to productive resolution. The sun is also fighting with Mars, making it harder to stick with what you’re doing. Fortunately, Mars is clicking with Uranus in Aries, inspiring you to go ahead and veer off track to keep things interesting. New experiences and encounters will invigorate you, and coloring outside the lines will give you a sense of freedom that can motivate further escapades. So give yourself permission to march to your own beat at some point this week. With Venus in your one-on-one angle opposing Uranus, your individualism can make it difficult to compromise, and you may need some personal space or you’re apt to shake up a relationship. A lunar eclipse in the last house of your chart also indicates that you could use a time-out to replenish your spirit. Quiet time will allow you to attend to something in your subconscious that’s trying to rise to the surface. Strive to stay on top of everyday business while also honoring your need for rest and reflection.



April 20–May 20

Dialogue in a close relationship is bound to be tricky this week, with retrograde Mercury in your fulfillment house battling Mars in your sharing sector. You’ll probably be tempted to tell someone what you want him or her to do, but that may lead to a problem. It’s not easy to express your personality and feelings while navigating a partnership, since the sun is also skirmishing with Mars. Romance and sex are a complicated mix and may seem like an either/or proposition at the moment. You want to go with the flow and enjoy life, but you also need to work through a conflict in your psyche or between you and another individual. Luckily, Mars is gelling with Uranus, suggesting that if you focus intently on whatever is going on inside you or in a relationship, you can make significant headway. You may feel free enough to experiment in a sexual relationship, or psychological excavation could be liberating in itself. Venus’s faceoff with Uranus hints that you might need to sacrifice some pleasure for health reasons or to help another person. The lunar eclipse in your network zone pits group interests against individual expression, and you may endure emotional drama with friends. You could be torn between standing out and fitting in and will likely find collaboration challenging. If a friendship or your association with a group is tested, don’t make a hasty decision.



May 21–June 20

Retrograde Mercury is skirmishing with Mars this week, so no matter how much you want to share your innermost thoughts and feelings, you should consider resisting that urge. Such a conversation is not apt to go smoothly, and chances are you won’t feel truly understood. Introspection and journaling would be more fruitful, not to mention peaceful. The sun is also sparring with Mars, making it extra difficult to avoid confrontations. Your mood, your family or your home life could be the cause of trouble, and you might feel like someone is working against you. Another possibility is that you’d like some time to yourself but have committed to getting together with another person. Thankfully, Mars is cooperating with Uranus in your network zone, nudging you to get out and do things with people who share your interests, ideals or goals. Be flexible enough to have unexpected fun and to enjoy common ground with others while also accepting their quirks. Venus’s opposition to Uranus highlights the tension between your personal pleasure and others’ pursuit of their own. A lunar eclipse may indicate the fruition of a goal, but you should also be willing to let go of an old one that’s lost its relevance. You could find yourself in the spotlight being called on to perform. Be careful how you conduct yourself in public, in your profession and around people in power.



June 21–July 22

With Mercury retrograde in your mindset house and clashing with Mars in your productivity corner this week, it’s hard for you to align thinking and doing. The information you have, your perception of a situation and your approach to a task are apt to be off, and communication on the job will be tricky. Don’t say too much; reevaluate and recalibrate. Details can trip you up now, so try to slow down, think small and take things one step a time. Ask plenty of questions. This would be a good time to relearn a skill, get back in touch with a former colleague or revise a writing project. Since Mars is vibing with Uranus at the top of your chart, focusing on tackling a specific responsibility can pay off, so put your nose to the grindstone. And note that an innovative technique might be preferable to a more conventional one. Venus is opposing Uranus, suggesting that part of you is craving peace and quiet, but circumstances in the outer world will demand your attention. Discord within your family or in your home is another possibility, and you should expect the unexpected if you decide to host a gathering. The lunar eclipse can give you a sudden urge to break out of your routine and look at the world from a new angle. It could be time to release a limiting belief and open yourself up to new ideas.



July 23–August 22

A clash between retrograde Mercury and Mars hints that iffy financial judgment could dovetail with an urge to have a good time, wreaking havoc with your budget — so try to resist the impulse to splurge. The sun is having its own quarrel with Mars, upping the odds of identifying strongly with your desires and needs and then letting that feeling dictate your actions. It might be more prudent to take stock of your resources such as useful possessions and natural talents. A personal inventory will enable you to assess what you have going for you and remind you to appreciate and utilize everything at your disposal. A sun-Mercury alliance makes this a great time to review your budget and your priorities, so stop to consider whether or not your allocations reflect what’s most important to you. Mars is harmonizing with Uranus in your exploration corner, inspiring you to have an eye-opening experience. See if you can combine fun and learning, with perhaps some romance and travel thrown in as well. Don’t operate along conventional lines; aim to do something exhilaratingly different. A Venus-Uranus faceoff hints that you’ll need to keep an open mind if you’re to maintain a pleasant rapport with people. And the lunar eclipse pushes you to consider someone else’s needs and feelings, settle a debt, allow an intimate connection to run its course or turn a difficult emotional corner.

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Mandie Fae
5 years ago

Just wanting to say thanks for these! I always check mine on Monday mornings to set my intentions & expectations for the week. This is my favorite horoscope as I feel it is incredibly accurate (whether I like it or not..)
Keep it up and know that you’re appreciated!

5 years ago

Thank you for these wonderful insights. They definitely resonate with me. Hopefully, helping me prepare for certain events.

The Wanderful Soul

5 years ago

Oh man. You are very, very spot on! I’d love to maybe chat about astrology stuff with you sometime; I’m a witch too.