Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 19–25

What does the forecast look like this week? Only one way to find out…

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September 23–October 22

Venus in Libra connects with Mars in your communication sector this week, giving you a chance to strike a balance between charm and assertion. You’ll be able to speak up gently under this influence. Mercury is finishing its retrograde phase, so your imaginings, inklings and intuitive insights from the last few weeks will begin to coalesce; continue to keep your own counsel for now. Merc clicks with Pluto before and after it goes direct, encouraging you to reflect on the past and sift through your innermost emotions in search of deeper truths that will transform you. Venus’s arrival in your worth house invites you to appreciate what you have and draw in what you need, and your tastes may become more lavish. With the sun’s entry into Libra, your vitality and ability to project your personality will surge. In the coming month, you should focus on yourself in a positive sense and make good use of your renewed energy. Happy birthday!



October 23–November 21

Mercury resumes forward motion in your network zone this week, a welcome development that will gradually improve your communication with friends, colleagues and other peers. Mercury vibes with Pluto in your thinking-and-talking corner before and after turning direct, so you might find yourself trying to come to an understanding and having better luck a few days later. Your thoughts about new goals, your attitude toward a group and your interactions with other people can all be improved with penetrating, substantial focus and dialogue. After the sun segues into the last house of your chart, your energy is bound to dip, as your year is drawing to a close. You may need more quiet time to reflect and let go of the hold that the past has over you. Venus’s arrival in Scorpio, however, will help you to feel rather sociable, attractive and magnetic. The next few weeks lend themselves to making peace, making friends and drawing in what — or whom — you want.



November 22–December 21

Venus in your network zone gels with Mars in Sagittarius this week, smoothing group relations and enabling you to team up with others in a way that’s both pleasant and productive. Mercury’s direct turn in your achievement angle will slowly improve your communication with authority figures, clarify your thoughts about goals and help you to express yourself better in public or in your profession. Mercury meshes with Pluto in your resources house before and after resuming forward motion, so your attempts to connect ambitious ideas with full use of your talents or financial augmentation may prove more successful as you go. With the sun moving into your network zone, you could become more occupied with your role in a group and will enjoy spending time with friends, being yourself. But Venus is sneaking into your solitude corner, making you feel a bit less social at times and more inclined to hang at home by yourself or with someone close to you.



December 22–January 19

Working behind the scenes can polish your image this week, thanks to a fortuitous meeting between Venus in your success angle and Mars in your seclusion sector. Mercury is coming out of retrograde, suggesting that the big picture will start falling into place again. Mercury connects with Pluto in Capricorn before and after it turns direct, giving you chances to learn something worthwhile by focusing intently and probing for deeper meaning. Study, conversation, travel and contemplation can produce perceptions that have the power to change you. With the sun climbing to the top of your chart, your ambition surges —  as does your ability to shine in public and in your profession. Maintain a high profile in the coming month and show what you’re capable of. Venus’s move into your group house will make you feel more sociable, and you’re likely to enjoy large gatherings. Juggle your pursuit of goals and time with friends, or combine the two by doing some professional networking.



January 20–February 18

Group adventure is favored this week, due to Venus clicking with Mars in your network house. Make a point of branching out when it comes to what you do and with whom. Mercury is going direct, potentially clearing up a mystery in your head and helping you to communicate better in close relationships. Your focus will sharpen, and you can once again zero in on a topic — or person — you’re passionate about. Mercury clicks with Pluto in your spirit sector before and after it goes direct, nudging you to delve into an issue in your psyche or confide in someone you trust. Revisiting something a few days later is apt to prove cathartic. The sun’s move into your exploration corner inspires you to broaden your horizons through travel, study, new people and unfamiliar experiences in the coming month. Meanwhile, Venus’s ascension to the peak of your chart helps you to attract favor with higher-ups, do creative work and boost your public image.



February 19–March 20

Mercury wraps up its retrograde period in your one-on-one angle this week, gradually smoothing relations with other individuals and prompting you to resolve any differences that may have arisen in the past few weeks. Merc connects with Pluto in your network zone before and after turning direct, giving you the green light to reach out to professional contacts, mend fences with friends and communicate with a group — and to try again if you don’t succeed at first. With the sun’s entry into your depth house, you’ll begin to focus more intently on a close relationship or a passion project, and your inclination to experience life on an emotional level increases. You’ll feel more in touch with your inner self, so don’t hesitate to shine a light in your psyche, in the interest of healing. Venus’s arrival in your exploration sector encourages you to take a trip for pleasure, learn from a loved one, interact with a wide range of people and celebrate difference.



March 21–April 19

Thanks to Venus in your one-on-one angle gelling with Mars in your exploration house this week, you could enjoy a trip or a new experience with someone you care about, so make a point of sharing an adventure. With Mercury turning direct in your efficiency corner, you’ll start to be able to iron out details, uncross wires with coworkers and clarify a solution, duty or critique. Mercury meshes with Pluto in your accomplishment angle before and after coming out of retrograde, giving you a couple of opportunities to get clear on where you’re headed and do substantial cerebral work. The sun crosses your one-on-one angle, highlighting the importance of partnership and encouraging you to learn more about yourself through your encounters with other individuals — so don’t try to go it alone in the coming month. Plus Venus’s entry into your sharing zone will enhance your desire for closeness and stimulate your sexuality and may intensify a particular relationship.



April 20–May 20

This is a good week to work on a relationship, thanks to Venus in your productivity corner gelling with Mars in your sharing house. You’re willing to do what you must in order to confront an issue with another individual and make things work. Mercury’s direct turn in your self-expression zone should help you to convey your feelings more clearly, although it will take a few weeks for Merc to get back up to speed. Its meetings with Pluto in your exploration corner (one while it’s still retrograde and one after it resumes forward motion) deepen your ability to present your viewpoint and gain a richer perspective. The sun’s entry into your efficiency sector lends you the energy for hard work and self-improvement, so dedicate yourself to doing what needs to be done. Meanwhile, Venus is crossing your one-on-one angle, helping you to feel in tune with others and inspiring you to express your affection and enjoy the company of other individuals.



May 21–June 20

This week’s Venus-Mars encounter melds romance and boldness, although it might also offer an opportunity to show off your creativity to other people. Your ruler, Mercury, is finishing up its retrograde phase at the bottom of your chart, gradually improving your ability to understand and express your innermost thoughts and feelings and helping you to smooth over misunderstandings with family or roommates. When Mercury vibes with Pluto in your depth zone — both before and after resuming forward motion — you should try hard to understand your emotions and the past, possibly with the help of a relative or therapist. Your revelations will begin to gel and can offer healing. The sun’s arrival in your joy house gives you permission to have a good time and exhibit your humor, artistic flair, personality and affection. But Venus’s move into your productivity corner reminds you to value your health, enjoy being of service and appreciate the little things that give you pleasure in everyday life.



June 21–July 22

This might be a good time to tackle a home decorating project, since Venus in your domestic angle is harmonizing with Mars in your work zone this week. With Mercury resuming forward motion, your thoughts from the last few weeks will begin to sort themselves out, and your timing and communication will get better. Delays and detours should be less of a problem soon. Mercury’s meetings with Pluto in your one-on-one angle — before and after turning direct — facilitate substantial dialogue and resolution of conflict, so persist in reaching out to people, especially if you’ve had differences. The sun dips down to the bottom of your chart, inclining you toward the comforts of home and family. It’s natural in the coming month to spend some time by yourself contemplating your feelings and reflecting on the past. But with Venus segueing into your play sector, you’ll also want to get out and enjoy life, expressing your creativity, fondness and individuality.



July 23–August 22

Venus in your communication sector clicks with Mars in your love-and-happiness house this week, providing a possible opportunity for romantic or creative self-expression. With Mercury turning direct in your worth zone, your financial judgment should gradually sharpen, and you’ll feel more able to accurately assess what you need and what you have going for you. Mercury meets up with Pluto in your efficiency corner before and after coming out of retrograde, so if you’re trying to puzzle out a problem related to work and money, keep at it until you sense that you’re getting somewhere. The sun lands in your thinking-and-talking house next, stimulating your brain and busying your daily life. You’ll effortlessly infuse your interactions with personality and vitality and should pay attention to how your default mindset colors your communication. Venus’s move into your foundation angle invites you to enjoy home life and the company of family, and you could get into the mood for decorating or entertaining.



August 23–September 22

Mercury wraps up its retrograde period in your sign this week, a welcome development which should gradually pull your thoughts together and help you to feel less tongue-tied. If you’ve been reviewing personal matters, you’ll start to reach some final conclusions now. Merc gels with Pluto in your self-expression zone both before and after resuming forward motion, so you’ll have a couple of opportunities to delve into your heart in an effort to understand yourself and to convey your feelings. If an intense dialogue or creative endeavor doesn’t go as you’d hoped at first, revisit it a few days later. The sun’s entrance into your worth house shifts your focus to personal resources, and you’re apt to identify strongly with what you have and need. Meanwhile, Venus’s arrival in your thinking-and-talking corner encourages you to share affection in your everyday encounters and appreciate anything appealing in your surroundings. This is a favorable time to strive to beautify your community.

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