Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 5–11

See what the universe has in store for you this week…

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August 23–September 22

The sun in Virgo is harmonizing with Pluto in your fulfillment house this week, intensifying your self-expression. Whether you’re conveying your feelings, your creativity or your personality, you’ll be able to do so in a powerful way. Venus is clashing with Pluto, however, so you might become fixated on something you covet and shouldn’t push too hard to get what you want. With Jupiter leaving your sign and moving into your worth sector for the next 13 months, your income, assets and spending may increase, and you’ll have an opportunity to learn how to make the most of your resources. You’re segueing from a period of personal growth to a period of confident prioritizing. It’s time to believe in what you have going for you, tap into your talents and improve your ability to attain what you need. Focus on growing your security, and keep an eye on splurges. Saturn and Neptune are finishing up their feud that began last fall, so the feeling that you have to take care of yourself and/or others and can’t rely on someone else for support may come up again. People seem unreliable, and you’re probably a bit drained. If you’re in a codependent relationship, be honest with yourself about what you hope to get from the other person. Did your childhood lack something that you think a partner or friend can provide? If you’re helping someone, what personal gain might you subconsciously wish for? Start moving toward a choice that augments your emotional wellbeing.



September 23–October 22

If you seek peace and quiet to rest and reflect this week, you can transform your emotional state, thanks to the sun in your release corner vibing with Pluto in your foundation angle. Deep introspection will shine a light on your subconscious and help you work through issues that you’ve swept under the rug. Acknowledge an old pattern so you can change it for the better. Venus in Libra is sparring with Pluto, suggesting that internal — or domestic or familial — turbulence can interfere with your mood and socializing. Perhaps you’d rather go out and see people than stay in and face what’s going on inside you. But with Jupiter entering your sign for a 13-month stay, you’re encouraged to discover truths about yourself and to explore your full potential. Jupiter last visited Libra from September 2004 to October 2005 and broadened your horizons in some manner during that time. Embrace the freedom, courage and optimism this planet offers, and seize the opportunities that are bound to come your way. Learning and travel are highly favored in the coming year. It’s time to expand your definition of yourself, so stay open to fresh ways of being you. But maintain a healthy amount of humility, as Jupiterian bravado can veer into arrogance. Saturn and Neptune are feuding again, pitting pragmatism again a yearning for spiritual purpose. You might be plagued by doubts about what you can accomplish and need to find a middle ground between pessimism and self-deception when it comes to the functioning of your daily life.



October 23–November 21

The sun in your network zone is vibing with Pluto in your talking-and-thinking corner this week, encouraging you to reach out to other people. Your interactions can influence your mindset, and you may feel able to express yourself to a group. With Venus battling Pluto, though, obsessive thoughts and a desire for solitude could dovetail, especially if you’re having trouble releasing someone from your life. If you need to let go of lost love, challenge yourself to do so now. Jupiter is segueing into the last house of your chart, where it will remain until October 2017. Introspection will help you to understand yourself better, so find peace and quiet to reflect now and then. Have the courage to seek truths in the depths of your subconscious and the tolerance to accept your imperfections. Grow your compassion for yourself and others, and free something inside you that’s been suppressed. Have faith that we’re all connected, and honor your intuition, your dreams, your imagination and your soul. Inner wisdom, a new practice and possibly a spiritual mentor can guide you and inspire you. As Saturn finishes his fight with Neptune from last June, your fear of lack and your idealization of love and happiness kick in. You may be struggling with worries about money or possessions and grappling with depleted self-esteem, while envisioning the perfect bliss of personal fulfillment. Romance, fun and creative expression are not out of reach. Try not to see life as all or nothing; blend realism with hope to manifest what you yearn for.



November 22–December 21

With the sun in your ambition angle clicking with Pluto in your worth house this week, you should be able to make a good impression in public or in your profession and hopefully generate a change in your income or your self-esteem. Making full use of your assets will allow you to shine, and channeling your energy into achieving a goal can strengthen your priorities. But Venus is fighting with Pluto, so you might clash with friends or a group over money, possessions or values, or a desire to socialize could conflict with financial concerns. Jupiter is entering your network zone and will remain there until October 2017. During this period, you’ll shift gears and develop new interests and objectives, and your circle of acquaintances will widen. The people you meet can broaden your perspective, support your growth and inspire you. Your faith in humanity should increase, and you’ll feel supported by a network of various people who share your ideals. This would be an excellent time for launching a philanthropic effort, joining an organization, socializing and doing professional networking. This week’s Saturn-Neptune disagreement could trigger the fatigue you’ve experienced in the last several months while these two planets have battled on and off. You’re working to define yourself more clearly and probably feel more isolated than usual, and your family, home life or underlying mood isn’t sustaining you as much as you need it to. You long for comfort and may benefit from more rest and quiet. Be proud of your ability to take care of yourself.



December 22–January 19

A collaboration between the sun in your exploration corner and Pluto in Capricorn inspires you to broaden your horizons this week. Unfamiliar experiences, different people, studying stimulating subjects and traveling to new places can transform you. You won’t change if you don’t push yourself beyond comfortable boundaries, though. Note that Venus in your ambition angle is quarreling with Pluto, so your appeal with higher-ups could be marred by a compulsion for control, or you may become obsessed with a desire for status or achievement. Jupiter is ascending to the peak of your chart for a 13-month stay, making you more ambitious than ever. You’ll be inspired to set your sights higher and to take on a bigger role that may involve leading a team or teaching. Your confidence will spur you to maintain visibility, and your work is likely to be rewarded. You might gain recognition in the form of a new job or a promotion. A career mentor could help you to find or follow your path. Avoid becoming arrogant, as Jupiter’s position in this house can make you seem overbearing. Saturn and Neptune are resuming their feud from June that originated last November, spurring a conflict between your subconscious and conscious thinking. Doubt, regret or melancholy might preoccupy you, and it’s probably difficult to focus. Don’t dwell on mistakes or failures or make big decisions. Do tie up loose ends and aim to get closure on something so you can free up space in your head. Make time for plenty of sleep and occasional daydreaming.



January 20–February 18

This week’s sun-Pluto confab nudges you to delve into your psyche, an intimate relationship or an emotional experience without shying away from intensity and darkness. This is an opportunity to generate an internal shift that allows you to turn a corner psychologically and heal. But Venus is sparring with Pluto, hinting that a desire to escape and explore can come into conflict with the need to work through what’s going on inside you or between you and another individual. Jupiter is moving into your expansion sector for a 13-month stay, inspiring you to spread your wings. It’s a great time to travel, have new experiences and meet people who are different from you. Unfamiliar subjects, cultures, beliefs and viewpoints will stimulate your mind and help you to develop your own vision of the world. Optimism will enhance your outlook, and you’ll have the courage to take more risks during this period. Strive to educate yourself and to become a more conscious person. Have faith in the future, and be open to a wide range of what life has to offer. Saturn and Neptune resume their battle from June (which originated in November), triggering personal insecurity and uncertainty about integrating with others. You might be unclear about what’s most important to you, and that can make it more difficult to contribute to a group. Fears of lack and loss are liable to steer you off course if you give in to them. Team up with people you can rely on who share your interests and objectives.



February 19–March 20

When the sun vibes with Pluto this week, your interactions are likely to be empowering. Reach out to people who have the ability to support your interests and goals. Spending time with a friend can deepen your connection. It’s also possible that you’ll meet someone who influences your future. With Venus battling Pluto, however, trust, sex and sharing could be challenging. Friendship and sex are not an easy mix now, and jealousy, privacy or betrayal could become issues. As Jupiter enters your closeness house for a 13-month visit, you stand to gain a great deal from outside sources. Money from grants, loans, inheritance and tax refunds will be forthcoming, and you should go after funding if you need it. Investing in other individuals will also pay off, and a beneficial business partnership or intimate relationship is a definite possibility. Be open to merging and sharing, and learn to trust another individual if it’s been difficult for you to do so in the past. Besides exploring your bond with someone, you might choose to explore a subject of interest or your own psyche, so allow yourself to become inspired by a project, solve a mystery or delve into personal issues to understand yourself better. Intensive inner work is highly favored. This week’s Saturn-Neptune skirmish can make you balk at the necessity of working within a system or answering to authority, and you could feel judged and internalize a negative voice. Stay focused on your ideal aims, apply discipline to your creativity, and translate your dreams into a game plan.



March 21–April 19

Hard work will pay off this week, with the sun in your productivity corner gelling with Pluto in your ambition angle. Devote your energy to necessary tasks, chipping away at a long-range goal. Venus is sparring with Pluto, so you might get into a power struggle with someone or try to control the direction of a relationship. Your drive to succeed could lessen your willingness to compromise. But with Jupiter crossing your one-on-one angle, where it will linger until October 2017, the next 13 months should bring luck in close relationships. You’ll have an easy time connecting with other individuals and will be able to learn from them. The likelihood of meeting foreigners and people who are different from you increases, bringing the potential for new worlds to open up. This is a favorable period for seeking out a mentor, guide or teacher. But you won’t only be learning through your relationships; you’ll also be learning about them — and about who you are when you’re in a relationship. Your belief in people is likely to lead to positive interactions, so keep the faith. This week’s Saturn-Neptune skirmish is the third of three since last Thanksgiving, and it represents hard-earned knowledge being undone by existential questioning. Your conscious philosophy on which you aim to base your future comes up against subliminal uncertainty and a nagging feeling of emptiness. Searching for the meaning of life and your place in the world can be rather paralyzing for action-oriented Rams, but this is a necessary rite of passage.



April 20–May 20

This week’s sun-Pluto collaboration can inspire you to take a risk, express yourself and have an adventure. Your drive to enjoy life might spur you to break out of your daily routine and seek new experiences that change how you view the world. Venus is clashing with Pluto, though, so having a good time may not be so easy, particularly if you feel compelled to take care of business and feel it would make more sense to forgo personal pleasure in favor of work or a responsibility to another person. With Jupiter moving into your efficiency house until October 2017, your work ethic will surge, but you also may find yourself wanting more freedom in your job. This will be a period for implementing positive changes that improve your health and the quality of your daily life. It’s a great year to expand your skillset, get better at time management, initiate positive habits, take on additional duties, clean up your diet, focus on physical fitness and be of more service to others. Understanding your purpose and increasing your productivity will give you a sense of fulfillment. You might travel for work or broaden the range of your job description. Saturn and Neptune are resuming their spat that began last autumn, underscoring the challenges of sharing your life with other people. Intimacy, trust and pursuing common interests and goals probably seem complex and confusing at times; be willing to work on relationships, and resist the temptation to view people unrealistically out of a desire to gloss over differences.



May 21–June 20

Thanks to a propitious connection between the sun and Pluto this week, downtime at home can replenish you, and private time with someone you care about can bring you closer. Don’t hesitate to seek peace and quiet for reflection or intimacy. However, Venus is sparring with Pluto, hinting that light-hearted romance and intense sexuality may not mix easily, and obsession or jealousy could become an issue. If you’re not in an established relationship, getting on the same page is tricky now. With Jupiter landing in your joy zone for a 13-month stay, you’re beginning a phase that encourages you to get more out of life. Jupiter brings opportunities for more love, fun, creativity and personal fulfillment; be open to seizing them if you want to make the most of the coming year. Have the courage to show a broader range of your personality, and think outside the box in terms of what will make you happy. Believe in your potential to contribute something unique to the world, and take more risks with your heart. This week’s Saturn-Neptune fight is the last of three (the first two took place last November and this past June). You may feel tested or thwarted by others or by a particular individual, and perhaps you’re uncertain where a specific relationship is headed. The work of partnership and the vagueness of your life direction might be upping your stress level. Be accountable for your own feelings rather than projecting them, but don’t try to have a big talk right now—with Mercury retrograde, miscommunication abounds.



June 21–July 22

A sun-Pluto encounter spans your communication and relationship houses this week, helping you connect with other individuals. Although you’ll be able to reach out to people and hopefully process what you hear, with Venus clashing with Pluto, it may still be hard to express your innermost emotions and feel understood. A controlling person could upset your equilibrium, or you could get into a power struggle with family. With Jupiter descending to your foundation angle, family support should be more forthcoming in the next 13 months. Ask for their help if you need it, because they’ll be inclined to respond generously. Try to understand your moods, your childhood and your private thoughts better during this period. Focus on personal comfort and security, and consider putting down new roots to give yourself a sense of belonging. You might relocate, move to a larger home or enhance your current living space. Make peace with the past, and strive for self-awareness. This week’s Saturn-Neptune skirmish repeats a theme that’s been going on for almost a year now. You’re working hard and may feel fenced in by everyday life and yearn for escape. Reality might be bogging you down, and the future seems uncertain. Maybe you’re so busy doing your duty in the present that daydreaming about a different life feels rather futile. Do your best to deal with what’s on your plate — but it’s still okay to envision something more. You’re in the process of learning by doing, but your spirit is also yearning, as you imagine a life you can gradually manifest.



July 23–August 22

The sun gels with Pluto this week, enabling you to combine your resources and your work effectively. Dig into your treasure trove of talents to tackle a responsibility to the best of your ability. Focus intently on your highest priorities in order to be as productive as possible. Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner is sparring with Pluto, though, so pleasant thoughts may be clouded by worries over what needs to get done. Try not to fixate on a particular approach. A compulsion to control how things are done could interfere with your friendly rapport with someone. Jupiter is moving into your thinking-and-talking corner and setting up shop there for the next 13 months, stimulating your brain and your everyday interactions. You’ll become busier and may take many short trips or increase your commute. Your daily encounters can be educational, and you’ll be able to process a great deal of info. Relations with siblings and neighbors are likely to be good, and you can find inspiration close to home. Try to grow beyond your habitual thought patterns, and have the courage to express your thoughts honestly and directly but without preaching. Contemplate the future with unabashed optimism. A Saturn-Neptune conflict emphasizes your ongoing dedication to carving out a solid identity while also yearning for an intimate relationship where you can share yourself. Romance and sex probably haven’t aligned easily in the past several months. Closeness — or the mysteries of your own psyche— may mystify you. Keep taking your quest for personal fulfillment seriously, and avoid overromanticizing another person.

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4 years ago

For some reason ‘Do your best to deal with what’s on your plate’ has just resonated powerfully with me. Sometimes the simplest ideas only make sense when you really, really need them to – and until then, they can just be completely invisible statements! A lot to think about here… especially how sometimes just completely focusing on what you have to do, (not where you’re trying to get or if you’re on the right track), can actually get you where you ultimately need to be with a lot less wasted energy & anxiety!

4 years ago

niceeee postttt,,,,

4 years ago

Spot on. Tracy is one of the very best out there