Is Honey the Secret to Smooth Hair?

Honey is your hair’s new secret weapon…

Truth be told, I was researching another story when I was reminded of honey. As I read article after article, its healing properties completely enamored me, allowing me to fall deeper and deeper down the “honey hole.” Honey embodies many healing properties: it is chock full of anti-oxidants and flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, helps maintain glycogen levels, and reduces cough and throat irritation. But did you also know honey may be the only thing standing between you and healthy hair?

Honey is made up of a high content of vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants, i.e. a catalyst for strong, nourished and enriched hair. If anyone needs a little hair-lovin’, it’s this girl (I’m pointing at me and my lifeless locks.) The enzymes in raw honey (honey that is not pasteurized contains more active antioxidants and phytonutrients) give your dull mane a smooth shine without the weight of many commercial hair masks and conditioners. The humectant properties (meaning honey draws moisture from the air) aid in the regulation and retention of moisture in hair. Plus, it has been said that honey strengthens hair follicles and promotes growth. So after stumbling upon this newfound knowledge (and finally making my way out of the honey hole), I decided to put it to the test. This nutrient-rich, honey-infused mask soothes your thirsty tresses and will have you swinging your gorgeous head of hair around like Cher in no time.


Honey Coconut Oil and Yogurt Hair Mask


4 tbsp raw honey
2 tbsp unrefined, organic coconut oil
2 tsp plain organic yogurt
*Optional: yolk of one organic egg. (The egg adds extra protein, vitamins and healthy fats.)

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.

Apply to towel-dried, damp, clean hair.

Wrap hair in a damp towel or shower cap and let sit for 20 minutes.

Thoroughly rinse with water and mild or diluted shampoo.


+Share your honey beauty secrets in the comments below. 

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7 years ago

I love honey based skincare, but for my hair it’s usually a bit too heavy.

7 years ago

I love using honey in my hair! It’s great for curls!


7 years ago

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7 years ago

I’ll definitely be trying this, thank you!
Aleeha xXx

7 years ago

Sounds great! Thank You!

7 years ago

And substitutes for the yogurt for those of us who do not use/consume dairy products?

7 years ago

Hey Alexandra,

Try using a vegan yogurt, such as a coconut yogurt, as a substitute for regular yogurt! Regular yogurt is used to condition your hair as well as add nutrients, such as vitamin D. Look for a dairy-free substitute that is high in fat, and it will contain many of the same properties as regular yogurt. It won’t be exactly the same (missing lactic acid and all) but it will be close! You could also just omit yogurt from the recipe and use egg yolk instead.

This is what I know on the subject so far. Wish I could help more!

Megan (:

Dawn Marks
7 years ago

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