Life Hack: 3 Tips for a Better Laundry Day

In other words, we’re here to help you manage your time efficiently…

Laundry sucks. Enough said.

And so, I’ve curated a few tips for you to integrate throughout the week in hopes of making laundry a little less painful. Life hack = helps you manage time efficiently.


Skip Washes.

I truly believe in skipping washes every once in awhile. Have a vintage tee that is perfectly thin and full of holes that you’re not quite ready to hand over to the washing machine…again? No stains, right? Well, don’t wash it. Fake it. I like to go through my laundry each week and pick out those things that could skip a wash. Fill a tiny cotton or linen bag full of potpourri, and place it in your drawers. I have one or two in each of mine. Your clothes will stay smelling fresh and clean, and you will be able to avoid washing — and wearing — out your favorite pieces. You may think this is gross but, let’s be honest, we all do it.

One Sock Problems.

Sock monsters are a real thing. Each one of us has one living in our house. They eat one sock, and leave you with the other. Am I right? Well, create a system. Instead of throwing that one sock back into your sock drawer to eventually (never) find its mate, make a new space for it. Hang a clothing line up near your washing machines, or wherever. Create a “lost socks” sign. Any time one miraculously appears, hang it up. If you wash a batch of clothes, and come out with a sock short, hang the other up. It helps you keep track of what one you are searching for!

Wrinkle vs. Time.

Need to iron your shirt, but also dry your hair with 5 minutes before go time? Same. Always at the same time. I don’t have four arms, and neither do you. Toss your shirt in the dryer with an ice cube for a few minutes. When your hair’s ready, so is your shirt, wrinkle-free.


+ What laundry life hacks do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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4 years ago

The lost socks station is everything. I swear I have 20 single socks right now. I’ll be making one today!

4 years ago

I have so many socks without their pair but I alwas pair them up with other half socks that look cute together ^-^ If someone mentions it I say it brings me luck and actually it does

4 years ago

I love that last tip! I’ve never thought to throw an ice cube into the dryer with a wrinkle shirt!


4 years ago

Such a great post! Thanks :)

4 years ago

This series is great! Love a good life hack. Thanks!

4 years ago

I throw in socks into a mesh bag, like the ones I use to wash my underwear. I swear I haven’t lost a sock in a year!

4 years ago

Very nice tips. I will use them.

4 years ago

Ha…I’m sure we don’t all do it :) at least I don’t!

4 years ago

I love having a spray bottle of water in the laundry room. If something is wrinkled and no time to iron or just too lazy, I spray it and shake it and vola it is ready to where.

4 years ago