Life Hack: Fresh Herbs for Fall

Avoid waste and save money year-round with “fresh” herbs…

I guess you could say that summer makes for easy spoiling in the kitchen — literally and figuratively. Fresh herbs are in quick reach, dressing the windowsill with their aromatic glory. Making pesto? Psh, I can grab handfuls of it with ease. But, now that autumn’s arrived, these herbs might be wondering what the heck you are gonna do with all of them?

Your herbs might be on their last legs, but they’re hanging in there —  green and ready to be consumed. I’ve been eating caprese salads all week in hopes of using up all of my basil, but I still have enough to feed an army. There has to be a better way, right? I shouldn’t throw all of this away? Well now I won’t have to. Because of this trick.


Olive Oil + Herb “Ice” Cubes

What you’ll need:

Ice cube tray (s)

Olive oil

Summer herbs




Gather all of your potted herbs, some scissors, and start snipping. Avoid any browning leaves (quite honestly, I may or may not have let the basil go too long).


Grab your knife and chop the herbs roughly, setting them into piles.


Sprinkle your herbs in the bottom of the ice cube tray. Fill each compartment with a different herb, or be daring and mix a few together. Drizzle olive oil on the herbs, soaking them completely to the top.


Stick those bad boys in the freezer and, boom! you’ve conquered the miserable world of no fresh herbs.

When you’re finishing up that delicious pumpkin sauce during pasta night with friends, simply take out an ice cube, toss it in the pan and let the olive oil slowly melt. All of those fresh herb flavors we love will let loose.


+ What are some things in life that you need hacked? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try helping you out!

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4 years ago

I’ll be making these today – – have been upset all week about saying goodbye to my herbs and now I don’t have to! Thanks!

4 years ago

Needed this as well! Thank you!

4 years ago

Loving this idea. Thanks!

x, T |

4 years ago

Great! Thank You dear :)

4 years ago

Did this to my herbs yesterday and they turned out great! I now have three trays full that I can’t wait to use throughout the next few months thank you!

4 years ago

I do this every summer with basil and olive oil – sort of a simplified pesto. If you’re doing a lot at once, you can just toss it into the food processor!

Catherine Dickens
4 years ago

Love the idea of storing herb. I generally plant herb, unfortunately, by winter they all dry away and I can never utilize every one of them year around. Thanks for sharing.