Life Hack: Keep Your Houseplants Alive

With a little extra research and TLC, your plants will stick by you for the long haul…

It’s always a dagger to the heart. That moment when you realize…

YOU KILLED YOUR PLANT. You feel irresponsible. Let’s stop doing that.

House plants can be tricky. Right now, I have 25 — a full-time job, but also dreamy AF and makes my nook feel like a little jungle (which I love). I was once the WORST with plants. I couldn’t figure them out, and as a result, felt that I didn’t deserve to have them. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and queen myself of botany (not really, but I’m fired up at how happy they are all doing).

After much trial and error, I developed a system that includes just a tiny bit of effort in the beginning. Once you get going, you’re set.

Build A Plant-folio. Either on paper, or on your phone. I created mine on my phone, so I could quickly research and edit it accordingly (thank you, copy/paste). This plant “log” will organize all of the cool information you curate about them.


Let’s begin.

Pick a plant. Make sure you have correctly identified the name of the plant. On your plant-folio, write #1, with the plant’s name next to it. Now, take a label, write #1 on it, and stick it on the pot of that plant.

Add Information. How many times per week does it need to be watered? How much sun does it need? From where did it originate? When will it need re-potting? Is it poisonous to pets? Do they need to be misted mid-week? Add all of this to your plant-folio under #1.

Repeat. Do this for every single plant you have. Once you’ve numbered all of your plants, you can easily check their every want and need.

Once you’ve created your plant-folio, which is the longest part of this process, everything else will become smooth sailing. Each time a new plant enters your home, simply add it into both your folio and routine. A the beginning of each week, I perform a thorough check-up. If any plants seem unhappy, I can easily find their “bio” in my folio, and problem-solve. My routine has become so commonplace that I now have every plant’s name and number memorized. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll experience the same intimacy.

– Identifying the plant’s origins helped me understand its natural environment, and why it may be happy/unhappy. For example, in dealing with a tropical plant — I’m in a third-story apartment with super dry air, so I have to sometimes adjust.

– How will your plant handle ice cubes? Seriously… This is a big no-no for tropical plants but, with others, ice can do wonders with mid-week soil moisture and time. If I’m on the run, I pop a few ice cubes in the plant base so that water can slowly release throughout the soil. (Some people have and will recommend not to do this, but I have spoken to people working at plant shops who have done it for years. I have done it with many of my plants and they are all healthy, so my experience has been positive.)

– Rotate your plants occasionally, as they gravitate and grow toward light. This will help them to attain a more even exposure.

– Talk to them! And send positive vibes their way<3.


+ What life hack tips do you guys have to keep your houseplants alive? Let us know in the comments!

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5 years ago

hey! what is the name of the plant in the last photo? xx

7 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Pilea, maybe? I’ve had very bad luck keeping them indoors. I think they like a lot of humidity.

5 years ago

Amazing post! very helpful!what is the name of the plant in the last photograph?

5 years ago

I need to make a plant-folio NOW! I have so many plants. This would be great to have as well!


5 years ago

I had never heard of giving them ice cubes before, that’s an interesting idea!

Nicola //

5 years ago

love this beautiful decor, nothing better than plants to liven up a space!


5 years ago

Great idea! I’m going to try this out since I’m always killing my plants

5 years ago

The ice cube trick is perfect for orchids. My mom always puts 3 cubes in their pots on Sundays and hers have lived for years!

FP Madisyn
5 years ago

Hi ladies!

– The plant in the last photo is called Baby Tears. I typically have mine sitting on a shelf, and love the way the vines hang along the side. It’s fairly easy to take care of, and may just be one of my favorite plants right now!


5 years ago

My houseplants are already dead but I take this tip for the next ones :D

5 years ago

My Green thumb has unfortunately turned black and rotted off a long time ago. I tried so many times to give them a grow, but I just never seemed to care for them properly for one reason or another, so they never lived very long. I finally gave up and used…plastic plants (ew!). I wish there was an even easier way to take care of plants…

5 years ago

I always talk to my plants. Kind words and good music can always make miracles for the plants… or for us. Some researchers believe that talking to plants may stimulate growth because of the carbon dioxide produced when people exhale as they speak.

Tracy Serno
5 years ago

Nice! I would also like to know the name of the plant in the last photo, perfect for my balcony!

5 years ago

I’m with Tracy, I’d also like to know the last plant. It kind of looks like Alfalfa Sprouts, but obviously not.

5 years ago

Viva la flora!

5 years ago

Really love it!

5 years ago

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5 years ago

Amazing and very helpful article. I don’t know much about plants, that’s why my plants do not live long. Will try these tips next time.

5 years ago

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5 years ago

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4 years ago

Yes this are some best life hack i have read and soon gonna apply it. You have clicked pretty good images.

4 years ago

Your ideas are pretty innovative. A stone water fountain can also be a good option to keep the plants alive in the backyard because they will naturally provide water to the plants.

3 years ago

its really great post in details about plants thank you for very helpful and amazing tips i love flowers and plants

7 months ago

The best advice I can give when it comes to taking care of plants – remember that more plants die from over watering than from under watering. Check your plants frequently, and water only when the soil feels dry.