Your Must-Listen Labor Day Weekend Playlist

If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to your holiday weekend, look no further…

Summer’s final fling is upon us. Time to fire up the bbq or hit the road with your partner in crime. So, for your listening pleasure, here are some of our favorite sunshine lovin’ tunes, courtesy of the king of summer himself — Jimmy Buffett — as well as The Stones, Tame Impala and Fleetwood Mac. So kick your feet up, crack open a nice can of La Croix (we know you’re obsessed, too) and enjoy the long weekend.

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+What do you suggest to add to this here list? Leave your recommendations in the comments — I will add them!

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7 years ago

Listening to this now! Great mix!


7 years ago

Great playlist, love!


7 years ago

Great list! Maybe Hold on Loosely by 38 Special? Always a great summer song. :)

The Wanderful Soul

7 years ago

Love it! Thanks dear :)

7 years ago

Hey! Would you mind sharing a link to your playlist on Spotify so I can play/follow through the app?

7 years ago

How about lean on me Bill Weathers