Cruelty-Free Beauty with The Stylish Stuff

Going cruelty-free doesn’t equal compromising results…

This post comes from our UK PR Manager, Lisa! Follow her travels on Instagram: @freepeopleuk

You may remember last year’s visit with Shelly Vella, when we toured the ex-Fashion and Style Director of Cosmopolitan UK’s coveted closet and garnered a few styling tips along the way. In that role, it’s safe to say that she she also touched nearly every new beauty product to hit the market. So, when we launched our Beauty & Wellness assortment and received an excited email from Shelly, I knew we had got it SPOT ON!

Shelly is an industry leader when it comes to her incredible love of animals, nature and passion for ethical, eco-committed fashion and beauty. As a result, she recently won a PETA Vegan Fashion Award, using her industry connections to advocate on the animals’ behalf. And, to convey that going cruelty-free doesn’t equal compromising results, she invited us along to a shoot for The Stylish Stuff with her trusted team, photographer Emma Sweeny and make-up artist Frances Prescott, to produce a beauty story incorporating a few of our fave beauty products.


Shelly, over to you…

“I’ve been passionate about cruelty-free cosmetics since my early teens — I’d turned vegetarian at an early age and I guess wanting to live a kinder life came hand in hand. I remember when I first stumbled upon a little shop that stocked only natural, cruelty-free products with a handmade feel, and I was over the moon to have a bathroom shelf full of conscious-clear skincare.

It’s a no-brainer that, to me, skincare and makeup products should be natural and cruelty-free. Harsh chemicals? Why on earth put them on your skin? We’ve all got our insecurities and we all worry about the efficacy of what we’re using and whether it has genuine effect, but the more I’ve researched and tried and tested, it’s become obvious that pure and natural, time-honoured ingredients have the head start. 

The launch of FP Beauty & Wellness is a groundbreaking commitment by a brand who really understands the wants and needs of their customer. People like me who are not just looking for natural, cruelty-free lotions & potions, but also good quality and effective ones — a bit of luxury. The offering is exciting and I really hope this will inspire people to think before they buy. Clever curation with good heart at its core not only makes for smart business but great influence. No small thing in our crazy mixed up world.”


Behind the scenes tips!

Prepping the skin: Frances freshened up Natasha’s skin after traveling with a spritz of Pai Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Skin Tonic, and then applied 2 drops of  organic Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil, which is incredible for dehydrated skin, on the face and neck before leaving to soak in whilst starting on hair.

*Tip: People can be nervous to use oils on the face, but it really it the most incredible way to moisturize dehydrated skin, especially when it’s so pure like this one. A great one for traveling! You can use 2 or 3 drops at nighttime, and then add 1 drop in to your moisturizer for the daytime. Just let it soak in for a few minutes before you apply makeup.

Hair Frances tonged and tasseled the hair, sprinkled Yarok Dry Shampoo into her hands, then worked in from the scalp outwards. This freshens up the hair, and gives it great volume and body. People think that dry shampoo is only for dirty hair, but it’s an amazing styling tool for clean hair, too, to add body and texture.

*Tip. Being able to shake this product into the hands is much better to work into the hair than a spray. You can’t over-apply, meaning it will last longer, and it also stops any white colour on the top of the hair. PLUS, no nasty fumes or smells.

Base Make Up: First up, Frances applied Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream to the face. She then highlighted the skin with Vapour’s Halo Moonlight Highlighter Stick with her fingers, applying to the cheekbones, brow bones, temples and cupids bow (above the lip). It’s really light, so can be used under foundation for a beautiful allover glow. Because Natasha’s skin was so gorgeous, she then mixed more Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream with Vapour soft Focus Foundation to give a lighter covering. This is a great way to lighten your normal foundation in the summer.

*Tip: Wear your highlighter under your foundation, rather than on top, as it gives a softer daytime glow. It also prevents any heavy lines or smudges.


Look 1: For a flushed cheek, Frances used Rituel de Fille Lovesick Cream Blush on the apple of the cheekbone, mixing in Ritual de Fille Desire Cream Blush just under the cheekbones for some shading/contouring. For the eyes, she went back to Vapour Highlighter for an allover glow, then used Rituel de Fille Lovesick Cream Blush on the lips.

Look 2: Here we went for a strong late summer glow using Kopari Coconut Body Glow. Frances shook the bottle well, then pumped a few drops into her hands to apply all over the face lightly, using her fingers. She then pumped directly onto the shoulders to spread on the delicatage and arms. Apart from instantly illuminating the skin, it’s also incredibly conditioning and nourishing thanks to the presence of coconut oil. Surprisingly, the scent isn’t coconut-y, but rather exudes a smell of warm skin and sunshine. Divine!

*Tip: It can either give you a glorious strong glow or a soft sun-kissed sheen, you can’t really go wrong as it spreads over the skin so beautifully!


Look 3: For our rockstar boho evening look, Frances used Ritual de Fille Ash & Amber Eye Soot in Lovespell, applying first with a Q-tip on the upper rim and under the eye, then blending across the top and lid with her fingers. For the lips, she used Vapour Elixir Plumping Lip-gloss in Pout, blotting with her fingertip to give a matte finish. Frances added Yarok Feed Your Shine Hair Serum to give a beachy boho tasseled style. Just pump into the hands and scrunch/rub onto the hair, starting from the ends, then lightly upwards. This product not only smells amazing but also conditions the hair, scalp and increases your natural shine.

*Tip: As long as the skin is moisturized and free from any powders, you can use most lipsticks as a crème blush on cheeks. Double the fun!


Follow Shelly on Instagram and check out The Stylish Stuff!

Photography by Emma Sweeney

Hair and Make Up by Frances Prescott.

Modeled by Natasha K at Models 1.

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4 years ago

So wonderful, and beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing these cruelty free products. I don’t usually wear makeup, but these tips are great for getting that little pop of color in photoshoots. :)

The Wanderful Soul Blog

4 years ago

so exciting! cruelty free beauty products are so crucial and i dont think enough people are aware about the animal testing that goes on. so happy to see more compassionate products on the market

4 years ago

yay! cant wait to try these! thank you for posting this xo

4 years ago

Yes to cruelty free make-up. Hopefully one day all brands will be cruelty free.

4 years ago

Where is the Yarok dry shampoo? When you click on the link, it doesn’t show up on FP, or is it called something else on the site?

4 years ago
Reply to  angie

hi angie! thank you for bringing to our attention – as it turns out, we are currently not selling this product. however, we do carry one by rahua:
as well as by little barn apothecary: both of which are also cruelty-free! <3

4 years ago

Thanks for the roundup. I like a simple, thoughtful routine too.

4 years ago

The rust colored eyeshadow really makes her eyes pop! Gorgeous makeup, and so glad it’s cruelty free too!