(Out Of) Office Style: Jana

Welcome her back — FP Jana, in all her amazing Jana glory! 

This post comes from our Junior Art Director, Stephanie!

Hence the name, this week’s office style segment is from… well… outside! Our Social Media Creative Coordinator, Jana (once upon a time FPJana of blog fame), did a short little interview with us while road tripping up to the Catskills for the FPMe Get the Shot event! The ever-gracious Foxfire Mountain House hosted us, and served as the backdrop for our impromptu photo shoot. Here’s a bit of the experience just for you!


You’re the One Top, Rambling Rose Bandana, Changing Times Stripe Print Tunic


Describe your position at Free People.
I am the Free People Social Media Creative Coordinator… essentially, my job is to bring all of the images you see on our social channels to life. There is a massive amount imagery produced here, whether it be via web shoots, catalogs, FP Me girls, my team and/or influencers. So I spend a great deal of time carefully selecting which of these pictures best reflects the brand. Once we’ve decided which ones work, I post to all of Free People’s social channels.

What’s one thing about your job most people don’t know?
It’s imperative to maintain the brand image and voice, manage all channels 24-7, post at the right times, and make sure the captions catch our girls’ eye. It’s a lot more analytical than people think.

If you could describe your personal style in 3 words, what would they be?
Chill, yet memorable!

What is your packing routine when going on a trip like this?
1. Laundry – Everything has to be clean so I can see all my options!

2. Staple Items – I first pack my go-to outfits, good for anything.

3. Necessary Items – I ask myself “where am I going and what’s the weather like?” Then pack accordingly!

4. Options – This is actually my weakness. I tend to go overboard since I like to have options…I end up throwing in everything I can fit in my bag.

5. Sit Down – Close the suitcase, sit on it, THEN zip it up! There’s only one time in my life that I haven’t had to repack at the airport because my bag is too heavy. Over-packers Anonymous!

6. Cameras – After I think I’m done packing, I still need to pack chargers, batteries, camera cards, camera, computer, makeup, toothbrush. THEN I’m done…hopefully.


What’s the best part about your job?
It’s amazing, the power that is choosing a photo to be seen by so many eyes. One tap of a thumb hitting “send” gives you the power to inspire.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
You can never win. Sometimes you choose a photo that you believe in so strongly, only to see it get half the likes you typically do. With Instagram’s new algorithms, it’s sometimes a hard platform to control.

What is your one necessary outfit for the Firefox Mountain House?
Woodland charm: a little something vintage mixed with a little something practical. Gauzy whites and a good pair of boots will do the trick!


What are your 3 most recently used emojis?
Glitter stars, monkey covering eyes, and ok hand symbol.

What color takes up most of your closet?
Black, white and denim…and a little cheetah print.

What is your favorite Instagram photo to date and why?
I think I’d have to go with this collage (below) —  it basically sums up my entire essence in one picture.


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Laurie Hodson
5 years ago

Hi Jana,
Love this bottom photo-where did you take it at? I would love to visit this unique place to view the ocean.
Thanks for your help.

5 years ago

Fun to see you back on the blog, Jana.
Great interview and photos!

5 years ago

@lauriehodson I collaged two of my photos…one from Costa Rica and one from the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania !

5 years ago

how did you do that collage! incredible!

5 years ago

Such a great style!

Mandie Fae
5 years ago

I didn’t see them listed anywhere above, where are they from???

4 years ago

SO GOOD, these photos are unbelievably beautiful. I love the ocean coming out of the tunnel.