The Power of Intention

Remember, if we do not ask, we cannot receive.

This post comes from nutritionist and model, Courtney James.

In our never-ending quest to find balance, the one thing that proves challenging for most of us is the ability to be aware, live in the moment and connect to our minds. Though information and guidance — for just about any topic– is accessible to us in nearly all arenas, what negative impact can this have on other aspects of our being? Perhaps it’s a spiritual deficit, the constant distraction of access barring us from experiencing a connection to the highest and greatest parts of ourselves..

One of my favourite authors and wellness leaders, Dr. Wayne Dyer, penned “The Power of Intention,” which broaches the notion that, by living on a higher level of awareness/consciousness, we can and shall achieve a more satisfying and enriched life.

We can do the ‘right’ things, the ones ‘meant’ to align our bodies, but how do we strike balance elsewhere? How can we achieve a state of harmony in our lives, when we become too easily focused on ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’? An open and inquisitive mind allows for growth, and setting intentions can be a huge part of that journey. After all, progress is impossible if we refuse to accept change.

To set intention, first choose a word that is important to you, whether it be inspiring, motivational or just makes you feel good, and write it down somewhere for you to see regularly. Your word should represent something you’d like to bring into your life, something that speaks to you given your current or past experiences. Naturally, I chose the word ‘balance’ (written on a chalkboard in my room), as it reminds me of the yin and yang that is life… that balance and polarity in all things is what helps achieve harmonious experiences and relationships with ourselves and, therefore, others.

For me, being reminded of balance helps me gain perspective in those moments when I start to lose it. Balance assures me that it’s ok to not focus on or obsess too much. Balance snaps me back to reality when I am lost in something that is not, in fact, helping me to achieve my higher purpose, goal and intentions.

To expand on another of Wayne Dyers’ principles, ‘wisdom is avoiding thoughts that weaken you’. Nurturing a meaningful word (that you see on a regular basis) can actually strengthen you. The more we consider the positives we’d like to create, and ‘act as if’ we already have what we’d wish to manifest, the more we draw these things into our lives. This is the number one step of manifestation! For example, if your word is ‘love,’ visible to  you every day, your focus will naturally shift to love, which will essentially attract just that!

So, go ahead and start setting intentions, and have fun with it! What is most important to you? What do you dream of achieving one day? What does this world need more of? Pondering questions like these can be a great exercise to share with a close friend or partner. When having a conversation with a loved one, set an intention for a conversation and let it flow. Intentionally-based conversations can prove extremely healing and connecting.

Another neat trick –­ want to remember your dreams after you wake up? Set that intention before drifting off, and then be amazed at how much you remember when you rise and shine.

Remember, if we do not ask, we cannot receive.

Love, light and intentional blessings, CJ

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Great post – so honest.