Behind the Scenes: Yoga and Annie McGinty

Behind the scenes of our recent yoga photo shoot + an exclusive interview with yogi and model, Annie McGinty.

This post comes from our Junior Art Director, Stephanie!

Cali babe Annie McGinty recently graced us with her presence here in Philly. Never a more laid-back, genuine soul exists. We took a few minutes off set to ask her to share a few fave wellness tips… see below!

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What’s your favorite way to move?
I’d have to say skateboarding! You can get really sweaty while doing it because it takes a lot of work. If I skate all day, I’m so sore the next morning. It really helps your legs and abs! It’s great for your core, and it’s so much fun.

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What do you eat post-workout?
Usually I make a smoothie with pea protein powder (which is the secret ingredient in all my smoothies), along with a lot of good stuff like blueberries, banana, cacao, maca, — so delicious, and it keeps me full!

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What is your go-to yoga move?
My favorite yoga move? Definitely a good back bend. The wheel! It opens your shoulders up so much — which is great for me since I hold my tension there.

Outdoor, hot or regular yoga?
I love sweaty yoga. Not necessarily in a hot room, but one that makes you move so much that you break a sweat.



What part of yoga is your absolute favorite?

That feeling you get when you’re done. It’s so relaxing and helps to release all stress and tension from the day. Very therapeutic.

How do you get yourself moving every day?
I make sure to get a good workout in every single day. I live next to a lake that creates a 2.5 mile loop so, if I can’t get a class in, I’ll go for a run to get moving. It’s free and so nice to get outside. If it rains, I go to yoga!


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