Why You Need: Soul Sunday

Three products so amazing that it’s impossible to pick a favorite…

This post comes to us from beauty contributor Allie White.

When two badass women come together to found a company with a mission to bring yoga-, art- and travel-inspired natural self-care products to the people, it’s pretty much a given that the stuff is going to amazing. And trust us, Soul Sunday does not disappoint. Their good-for-you, whimsical formulations foster a sense of freedom and creativity, and inspire thoughts of easy weekend mornings doing whatever feeds your soul.

So when Free People had the chance to team up with Soul Sunday for a line of exclusive self-care products, the answer was a no-brainer. After a resounding “heck yes!” the collaboration features three amazing products and, just like a collection of beloved sunglasses, it’s impossible to pick a favorite.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself, but we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to play favorites either.

Inhale & Exhale Aromatherapy Oil Set

Whoever said “you can’t take it with you” was an idiot. Sure, there are certain things best enjoyed quickly and in the moment — ice cream on a hot day, for example — but that feeling you get after an awesome yoga practice isn’t one of them. Whether you’re yoga-ing for fitness, relaxation, stress relief, emotional release or any number of other reasons, what you do on the mat can stay with you long after your practice is over.

So wouldn’t it be nice to add a little extra staying power to that feeling with the help of handcrafted, small-batch, gorgeous aromatherapy oil blends?

Inspired by yoga — and meant to make you smell delicious and/or aid in a daily meditation ritual — the Inhale and Exhale oil blends will transport you back to that perfect dancer pose with every whiff.

Inhale is that first yoga breath: eyes closed, grounded down, centered, ready. With notes of earthy vetiver, warm vanilla and deep florals, Inhale will calm an anxious mind and body, inviting peace and balance. The combination of gorgeous oils helps relax nervous tension and gently quiet the mind.

Exhale is the release you feel after holding chair pose until you shake. It’s that moment you stand tall, arms raised and let out a triumphant breath, opening yourself to the incredible possibilities of what you’re capable. Blending bright, crisp citrus and sweet jasmine, Exhale inspires light and an open heart so you can take on the day.

Natural Deodorant Cream

Making the switch to green deodorant can be scary: we’ve all heard horror stories of the person who rubbed a crystal on her pits and left a trail of body odor in her wake. But the Natural Deodorant Cream from Soul Sunday is an easy choice.

Whether you’re hiking, dancing, fighting for a spot on a crowded train, this stuff does its job and does it well. Sure you have to apply it with your fingers (and that can take some getting used to), but this deodorant cream keeps you dry, moisturized and smelling fresh all day long.

Want to know how? You can thank the all-natural, vegan ingredients. A shea butter base nourishes and soothes skin, while raw organic coconut oil acts as a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent to combat BO bacteria. Then of course there’s the arrowroot powder, which is a natural deodorizer.

The cream also includes lavender oil, which can help reduce stress so you sweat less, and orange peel oil, which is also antibacterial and can help increase circulation. All of this to say that in addition to actually doing its deodorant job, the Natural Deodorant Cream will also make you smell as beautiful as you look and feel.

Reflect Face & Body Balm

Flaking isn’t a good life habit, and it certainly isn’t a good look when it comes to your skin. And while lugging a big jar of coconut oil around with you if dry skin strikes isn’t exactly practical, there’s an easy fix to your on-the-go skin needs, and it comes in the form of Soul Sunday’s Reflect Face & Body Balm.

For deeply nourished, ultra-soft, ultra-smooth, ultra-glowy skin, this little tube of all-natural goodness (aka multi-purpose balm) should be with you at all times.

The raw organic coconut oil serves as an ultra-moisturizing and naturally-antibacterial base. Then comes the shea butter, which is incredibly nourishing thanks to its concentration of vitamins and fatty acids. Candelilla wax helps lock in moisture, while vitamin E oil acts as a powerful antioxidant and free radical-fighter. It’s finished with orange peel and lavender oils. Basically, this stuff is the moisturizer of your dreams.



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