Spot On: Juice Beauty’s Blemish Collection

Discover what makes Juice Beauty THE go-to for clearer, healthier skin….

Courtesy of the marketing team at Juice Beauty.

Karen Behnke, founder of Juice Beauty, began to experience hormone-induced blemishes — as well as fine lines and wrinkles — when she became pregnant at age 40. So, like many women, she set out in search of a skincare line that catered to women both 40+ and expecting. Karen had always been laser-focused on examining the ingredients in her food but, prior to her pregnancy, had never contemplated reading a personal care product label. She was horrified to see that many ingestible ingredients banned by the US FDA were found in skincare formulas and, in addition, was alarmed to learn all manner of other ingredients – albeit not banned – were potentially harmful to health.

Many components of conventional anti-blemish skincare are actually skin irritants: benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, artificial fragrance, synthetic dyes and parabens. So, even though conventional anti-blemish formulas work quickly to reduce discomfort and reduce redness, they are not delivering long-term benefits to your skin. As a healthy alternative to these potentially harmful ingredients, she developed Juice Beauty and, with it, a complete skincare regimen that relies on salicylic acid (naturally derived from willow bark) and organic fruit acids to clear skin, as well as CoQ10 and revitalizing vitamin C. Though it may take a few more days to see blemishes improve using natural products, the long-term benefits are more important since skin, rather than being irritated, will remain hydrated and clear with Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing collection.


Juice Beauty’s blemish-clearing skincare is also great for both oily and combination skin, since the formulas help to control overproduction of oil and sebum. As with all regimens, skin — free of blemishes or not — should ALWAYS be protected by an SPF formula like their Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF30 for daytime use. Zinc oxide (in a micronized size) serves as the only sunscreen here, since micronized zinc oxide cannot be absorbed into the epidermis like many synthetic sunscreens. Anotherc reason to avoid synthetic sunscreens? They have been linked to endocrine disruption, cancer and also inflict damage to our coral reefs (when carried through our water disposal systems into the oceans) – something against which Juice Beauty is wholeheartedly opposed when it comes to skin health.

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I loved the idea and I will try this product.

Wow, amazing — will definitely give this brand a try! Thanks FP + Juice Beauty! :)

LOVE Juice Beauty. I had no clue it started that way. Karen Behnke created a great company!


Looks organic and yummy for the skin, is this really organic or just as some natural additives?
I will like to give this a try!!

Is there anyway we can become distributors of this product?
It looks so good!

Way to go!! organic products are the best, am pretty sure this juice beauty blemish collection product will work like a charm


Currently giving thus line of products a try!

I am using a different beauty product but will definitely give this a try. I am choosing natural products and this seems so. Thank you for sharing these products, will definitely share to my friends.

Hello there,

I have not tried any of these products but I wanted to know how effective is Juice Beauty’s blemish-clearing as skincare. I have blemishes and hope this Juice Beauty’s blemish-clearing is the best to help me with.