Tune In: FP Cali’s Spotify Playlist

For your listening pleasure — from the (arguably) best coast stores to you!


California is a melting pot of cultures, arts and, of course, music. This playlist is inspired by the small towns to the cities, the beach to the mountains, old to new, and everything that makes California what it is. These songs make us dance, laugh and proud to be California girls living on the best coast.

Thank you, ladies!!!

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3 years ago

As always great playlist! Thanks!

3 years ago

Photo by: Kayte Demont (@massmusings) – models: @danaclaire_creative and @aastrea

3 years ago

Interesting playlist though I hear most of the songs for the first time. But since I dream about LA during last half of year it is perfect for me. I will be there only in March to visit RHCP concert as a part of RHCP tour 2017 http://livetourtickets.com/red-hot-chili-peppers-2017-tour-tickets/ and have some fun. But until then you playlist will be a piece of California for me.