Tune In: FP Great Lakes’ Spotify Mix

Cross-country vibes, courtesy of our FP store regions… today, we’re listening to FP Great Lakes!

The beautiful thing about staying in one place? I would have to say the longevity that friendship brings. My long-lasting, eclectic group of friends served as inspiration for curating this playlist, its diversity a direct representation of the pack — Kyle’s rock and roll vibes, Hannah’s soft vocals highlighted by a female lead, Dustin’s love of Grimes, Evanne’s beach/psychedelic rock tones. But this playlist wouldn’t be complete without a few of my favorite local bands — namely, Hoops, Bonesetters and Sleeping Bag — all bands that I have seen many times in the best venues around Indy. Here’s to the FP girl and living in the Great Lakes region!

Great Lakes 2

+ What songs are you loving at the moment? Let us know in the comments! 

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4 years ago

Yay! Another playlist! Thanks!!!


4 years ago

Great playlist! Love it!



4 years ago

Such a great playlist! Thank you :)

4 years ago

Awesome, but not tons of music from the actual Great Lakes!

check out//
Divino Niño
The Go Rounds
G’itis Baggs
The Antivillains
Heavy Color
Kansas Bible Company
Anna Ash (in LA now but Michigan native)

all on bandcamp :)