FP Me to You: Introducing Billie Edwards

Meet the ever-chill, ever-lovely Billie…sharing the essence of FP Me with you, through the month of October…

Five words to sum up your personality?

Relaxed and nonchalant, yet excited!

Spirit animal is…



Western Tan Fringe Jacket, Printed Knit Dress

What makes you happy?

Warmth — from both the weather and within people.

Discovering the new, diving into a salty ocean, knowing health, the feeling of achievement and the wonderful group of humans around me.

What makes you sad?

When there is no sunshine, or no way to escape to be outside. When the world seems grey, I feel grey also.

Fave city in the world/why?

Oh difficult, difficult question…I fall in love with new cities far too often. But Delhi (India) holds a very soft spot within my heart. Why? Because it is like nowhere else in the world, and I experienced the place with my favourite people. It takes a while to recognise its beauty but, when you do,  it’s quite an amazing place to be.


Libby Convertible Dress

Last dream you had…

I’m currently working on remembering my dreams. I find it difficult, unfortunately. But the last dream I remember — I was lying in the sand at my hometown’s beach, looking at the stars. The stars began to move and twirl and spiral, creating a milky ice-cream kind of sky.

What does free mean to you?

Free of stress and negative energies. The ability to be as wild, erratic and independent as you wish to be. The ability to focus on only the things that bring you happiness within life, and to illuminate the rest. To not be affected by other’s opinions, but to be truly yourself — for yourself only.


Bold Blooms Embroidered Dress

Look for more of Billie in the weeks to come!




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5 years ago

Beautiful captures, love that red embroidered dress!



5 years ago

Gorgeous ! Looking forward to seeing more of her !

-Priscilla Ivette-

5 years ago

She seems like fun