FP Escapes: Andalucia and the Art of Ritual

It took only moments after our arrival to recognize its magic and, with a deep sigh, surrendered to the greater power…

In the southernmost region of Spain lies Grazalema Nature Reserve, home to 5,000-year-old stone age ruins, wild goats, carob trees, and the setting for our latest Free People x YOGASCAPES FP Escapes retreat, “The Art of Ritual.”


Our accommodations were comprised of a series of traditional Andalusian farmhouses, nestled in the heart of Grazalema. It took only moments after our arrival to recognize its magic and, with a deep sigh, surrendered to the greater power.

Each morning greeted the group with a dark mountain outline brushing against the twilight sky, as its stars gave way to sun. Breakfasts of Ayurvedic porridge, homemade vegan yogurts and warming teas offered nourishment for our souls before pranayama and meditation. Our Spanish hosts, Antonio & Patricia of Lucia Yoga, welcomed us as family.


Mischa Varmuza challenged us to delve deep inward, to shine the light of awareness into body, mind and spirit. And our afternoons were reserved for expanding our horizons, literally, via exploration. Nearby towns El Gastor, Ronda and Zahara de la Sierra shared their time-honored secrets — the local hammam, local olive oil and traditional Flamenco. And with each step, guide Maggie Harrsen taught us how to convert each and every experience into ritual, through ceremonies connecting to the land. In the safety of an olive grove, we formed an energetic connection with the surrounding trees, performing a power retrieval, uncovering our spirit animals, making offerings, and setting intentions.


We began our adventure as solo travelers, and left as friends, having found true acceptance and kinship.


A big thank you to Lucia Yoga, Mischa Varmuza and Maggie Harrsen. Check back over the next few weeks to read more in-depth stories about Andalucia.

Photos by Jillian Guyette.

+ Our next FP Escapes will be held in the Berkshires — will you be there? Click here for more information!


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4 years ago

Thanks you very much for this amazing post.
As YOGASCAPES FP Escapes hosts, we felt very proud of this retreat, it was amazing. One of our best ever. Thanks YOGASCAPES FP Escapes Team, Jillian, Maggie, Mischa, Naomi and Ashley to share with Lucia Yoga this fantastic experience.
Hope to see you again soon guys.
All the best.

4 years ago

Hi! What is that white cropped top Maggie is wearing with the ties on the sides? Is it still available?

3 years ago

I don’t understand what spirits are In hundred year old olive trees are they human form ? Or are you just milking a new breed of new age tourist please Americans I know ur all lost right now one ❤️ did you know that st James travelled to that area to convert pagans