FP Me to You: Escapes in Andalucia

Though we didn’t yet know one another, the Spanish countryside mesmerized us all…

This post comes to you courtesy of FP muse Billie Edwards.

A car full of young women drove up a winding mountain filled with olive trees and pink dirt. None of us knew each other yet — but it was nearly dusk, mesmerized by the Spanish countryside, and excited to spend a whole week here, together.


I felt at home. Instantly. Our beautiful Spanish hosts took us in with warm, open arms (and nourished us with incredible vegan food). A strong and comforting feminine energy soon engaged us all.

I’ve been asked to write about my 3 most memorable or moving experiences while on the retreat, and I have to say the most moving of my experiences was simply that of embracing the group of women around me. All hailing from completely different walks of life, and all contributing their unique touch. With only friendly, receptive and supportive vibes between us, an unwavering bond was soon forged. Although we had driven up the winding hills as strangers initially, I was heartbroken to say goodbye just one week later.



Waking up as part of the mountains encouraged me to slow my pace a little. We took a long slow hike throughout the countryside, absorbing everything in our periphery. The colours! I fell in love with the pink dirt, contrasting against vibrant yellow and green bush and trees. Goats and cows wandered about while a vibrant turquoise lake flowed through the landscape. I learnt of the town’s self-sufficiency, as they grow and utilise the vegetation to the best of their ability. It was almost impossible not to feel completely at peace here.


And last, but certainly not least — the Closing Ceremony, which took place the afternoon prior to our departure. We stood as one, wearing white dresses in a circle, celebrating the new Black Moon. Holding hands, sharing our hearts, chanting and dancing. I have a beautiful image in my memory — a group of happy barefoot women chanting sweetly and twirling, while long hair and white dresses spun and spun and spun.

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You described your experience so well. Sounds magical!

Sounds like a such a lovely experience and great memory.




Huh! What a love surprise. Look who should pop up in my news feed… :-) Sounds like you ended up having a very memorable experience on your yoga adventure. Take care! Michaela (Seville)

Sounds magical! What a lovely experience..love traveling and meeting new people along the way that instantly become a part of us! :)



Beautiful pics!

Amazing this post !! I’m programming my trip to Spain and it came well at hand !!! I’m in love with Andalusia !!! I will stay 15 days in Spain and I will divide: 05 days in Andalusia (Seville, Cordoba, Pueblos Blancos and Granada), 05 days in Madrid and surroundings and 05 days in Barcelona; what do you think?

I am thinking about to plan a trip to Spain in next 3 months like cordoba, Granada, Seville.

Best Photography ever and you chooses the best places. Your all photographs with nature pretty beautiful.

Amazing this post and tutorial, thanks for sharing more….

Hello, Great post… I like your blog..// All images are so good.. Thankyou..!!!

this post is really amazing its provide lots of info thanks for it great job

thanks for amazing post in this all images are beautiful i love this keep share it

I like your post. Such a nice experience. I also love travelling & meeting new people. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

beautfull this post. Im programming my trip to Spain and it came well at hand??? Im in love with Andalusia… I will stay 10 days in Spain and I will divide: 8 days in Andalusia 8 days in Madrid and surroundings and 8 days in Barcelona.thank for shareing the post…???????