Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 3 – 9

It’s that time again… find out what’s in store for you this week!

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September 23–October 22

With Mars in your foundation angle battling Jupiter in Libra this week, an old behavior pattern or residual anger could prevent you from venturing forth into your future, so try to be cognizant of your underlying mood and subtle, habitual actions. You may need to take care of something — or someone— on the home front, preventing you from traveling or branching out in another way. And it’s also possible that family or a person you live with is resisting your progress and growth. The sun in Libra is quarreling with Pluto in your foundation angle, echoing these same struggles and pitting your best interests against irrational compulsions. If you feel blocked, look to your own emotions for answers rather than focusing on other people who you can’t control. Thanks to Mercury’s arrival in your sign, you’ll possess the ability to look at yourself with a useful degree of objectivity and express your thoughts with lucidity.



October 23–November 21

Venus in Scorpio gels with your ruler, Pluto, this week, giving you a chance to show sincere affection and experience the power of connecting with others. Creative writing will have significant depth under this influence. Mars in your cognition-and-communication house is sparring with Jupiter in your subliminal corner, though, putting you at risk of overstating and possibly jumping to conclusions based on half-truths. You might find yourself strongly asserting opinions and theories that you haven’t fully developed yet, so listen to what you’re saying and consider modifying your language. The sun is also hiding out in your subliminal corner, and it’s fighting with Pluto now, exacerbating this tendency for unconscious speech. With Mercury moving into that part of your chart, you should try to get in touch with your inner compulsions and listen attentively to your intuition. Spend time by yourself processing your thoughts, particularly if you feel confused or overwhelmed.



November 22–December 21

The sun in your network zone clicks with Saturn in Sagittarius this week, which could provide you with an opportunity to play a productive role in a group and earn the respect of others. Mars in your worth house is locking horns with Jupiter in your network zone, however, introducing the possibility that action motivated by your own needs and desires may not accord with others’ expectations. A disagreement over money, possessions, values or priorities could escalate, and it may be difficult for you not to focus on your own security. Avoid basing current spending on what you hope to accomplish in the future. The sun and Pluto are having a similar fight but, with verbal Mercury moving into your network zone as well, try to keep the lines of communication open so you can smooth things over with friends or colleagues if you run into trouble.



December 22–January 19

Thanks to the sun syncing with Saturn in your release corner this week, you could get a chance to shine by finishing up a project or humbly tackling a challenge behind the scenes. A skirmish between Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in your ambition angle tempts you to push your own agenda too hard and risk going overboard with a boss or other authority figure. You’re so motivated and energized that it won’t be easy to modify your actions. The sun and Pluto replicate this tension, pitting your ego’s need for achievement against an itch to dictate all the terms. The danger now is that you’ll work against yourself without being able to help it, because you have such a full head of steam and are projecting a lot of intensity. Fortunately, Venus in your network zone is gelling with Pluto, so you can try to utilize charm and agreeability to soften any rough edges.



January 20–February 18

The past and the future may seem at odds this week, since Mars and Pluto in your subliminal corner are fighting with Jupiter and the sun in your expansion zone. You might revert to an old pattern of behavior unconsciously, despite the fact that it undermines your vision of the path you hope to be embarking upon. And emotional turbulence rumbling beneath the surface can mar your upbeat outlook, possibly deterring you from broadening your horizons as you’d like to. Pay close attention to what’s going on inside you so you can nip self-defeating actions in the bud and come to grips with any lingering anger attached to memories. Sun-Saturn and Venus-Pluto alliances hint that you can learn from a mentor and do creative work drawing from something potent in your psyche. With Mercury entering your expansion zone, make a point of gleaning whatever wisdom you can from this week’s challenges.



February 19–March 20

Friendship and group relations may be a bit of a quagmire this week, since Mars and Pluto in your network zone are clashing with Jupiter and the sun in your sharing house. If you have big expectations of what someone will bring to the table, teamwork is apt to become problematic. You’re trying to coordinate your efforts with others, but you might be aiming too high. Trust or jealousy can be issues, and you might not have as much control as you’d like in a situation involving interdependency. A sun-Saturn confab encourages you to channel energy into something that you’re passionate about in an effort to achieve a personal goal. And a Venus-Pluto alliance suggests that connecting with a wide range of people can help you to secure the powerful support that you’re after. It’s also possible that a shared adventure with friends will intensify your bond.



March 21–April 19

Mars at the top of your chart spars with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle this week, pushing your ambition into overdrive and possibly causing friction between you and another individual. You might overestimate how much your significant other or close friend should support your efforts to achieve something and end up in a conflict with him or her. And with the sun and Pluto having the same issue, it’s possible that you’ll have some sort of power struggle. You may find it hard to put someone else first and, thanks to Mercury’s move into your relationship house, talking things through is your best option. Also, Venus is vibing with Pluto, hinting that intense sharing will give you a deep sensation of being headed in the right direction. Meanwhile, the sun’s connection with Saturn can facilitate a joint learning experience, so team up with a partner for an adventure or a studious undertaking.



April 20–May 20

With Mars in your expansion zone battling Jupiter in your productivity corner this week, you’re probably itching to break free from everyday life by traveling or pursuing other stimulating experiences, but you have a lot to do. Your job and various daily duties can keep you from branching out, but chances are you’ll try to juggle everything in an effort to make time for extracurricular adventures. The sun and Pluto are having essentially the same battle, but in this case, your inclination to focus on what needs to be done will run up against your shifting perspective, and thoughts of the future could dominate your attempts to stay in the present. Sharing a trip or a new experience with someone close to you will be gratifying, thanks to an encounter between Venus in your on-on-one angle and Pluto. And a sun-Saturn alliance hints that working with a partner can increase your efficiency.



May 21–June 20

A close relationship could become complicated this week, thanks to planets in your love sector squabbling with planets in your intimacy zone. Your romantic hopes about a sexual connection may be disproportionate; you might get carried away rushing into a physical relationship and attaching a great deal of emotion to it. Sex is apt to be intense, and you’re inclined to express your whole self with another person now, but you might feel like he or she is in control. Avoid placing too much emphasis on what someone else feels for you, and conversely, try not to let your own feelings dictate your actions to an extent where you’re handing over personal power. The sun teams up with Saturn in your one-on-one angle, and Mercury moves into your self-expression house, encouraging mature communication. Meanwhile, Venus in your service corner coaxes you to be realistic about the amount of work that goes into successful relationships.



June 21–July 22

Mars in your one-on-one angle goes up against Jupiter in your foundation zone this week, so your quest for peace and quiet may clash with your commitment to do something with another person. Or a disagreement might rattle you, taking you out of your good mood. It’s also possible that your underlying confidence will lead you to go overboard in a relationship. The sun and Pluto are having a similar fight, causing additional friction between you and others. You might get into a power struggle with a family member or feel torn between staying in and meeting your obligations to others. The sun’s collaboration with Saturn in your productivity corner implies that channeling some of your energy into working from home — or working on your home — will prove worthwhile. And Venus in your joy sector is gelling with Pluto, encouraging you to enjoy the company of an individual with whom you share a strong connection.



July 23–August 22

With Mars in your efficiency corner sparring with Jupiter in your cognition-and-communication house this week, it won’t be easy to line up optimistic vision with targeted execution. You may be trying to do something specific, but your thinking is too abstract and unfocused. Or if you’re trying to work together with others, you might become quite opinionated and want to call the shots. Pluto and the sun replicate the Mars-Jupiter scuffle, increasing the chances of getting into a power struggle over a project. You also might be inclined to talk to people, socialize and spend time out and about in your community but feel like pressing matters are keeping you from enjoying the day. The sun and Saturn are in sync, hinting that a creative project could be satisfying, or expressing your feelings to someone in a responsible way will make you feel better. Mercury’s move into your communication house further encourages you to use your words.



August 23–September 22

Guard against overspending this week, when impulsive Mars in your joy zone spars with generous Jupiter in your worth house. You’ll be tempted to do as you please in the moment and may overestimate your assets. Confidence can spur you to take a risk now, for better or for worse. The sun and Pluto are staging virtually the same scene, increasing the chance that your self-esteem will be subject to a shift related to romance, creativity or fun. You might be pushing yourself to get more out of life and trying to maintain your personal security at the same time. The sun is cooperating with Saturn in your home angle, though, so you might choose to sort through mementos or other possessions in an effort to get organized and possibly get rid of some stuff. Meanwhile, a Venus-Pluto rendezvous can offer you a chance to convey deep affection and intense creativity.

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