FREEmojis Are Here!

Download the Free People app and IOS 10, and get the party started! 

Introducing our new messaging stickers! Go here for easy step-by-step instructions on how to get yours — you’ll be so glad you did! 


Step 1: Open your messages (start a new conversation or open an exisiting one).
Step 2: Tap on the iMessage store icon (last icon in the row).
Step 3: Tap on the 4 dots in the bottom left-hand corner.


Step 4: Tap on the Store Icon (looks like a plus icon).
Step 5: Tap on the Manage Tab (and make sure Free People is turned on).


Step 6: Free people will now appear in your iMessage app drawer — tap to open
Step 7: Start using the stickers! (Click on the arrow in the corner to see them all).
Step 8: Tap on a sticker to add it to the message box. (You can also drag stickers to layer them onto your sent message!)

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7 years ago

Wow how fun!

7 years ago

Cute, I’ll totally be using these C:!

7 years ago

Please make this available for android too! :)