Sweater Weather

Celebrating the briskness that accompanies the arrival of fall…

Out of the tangled sheets and into knitted socks which unravel above my knee. It’s 6am.

Rustling tree branches kiss the open window, and crisp announcing the arrival of autumn.

Out to greet the morning. This time is my own. Dew sleeps lazily on grass, and the sun is readying itself to set the world on fire.

Not tied to a thing. In an open field, run wild, chasing honey light, freckles awakening.

Sometimes I miss the mornings. They slip quickly between my fingertips.

But not this one. I’m holding on to this one. Autumn is here. Let it be full of mornings like these.



Aran Isle Cardi, Talk Back Ankle Sock


Boucle Slouch Cardi, That’s A Wrap Linen Buttondown, Bowery Ribbed Over The Knee Sock



 Allure Pullover Levi’s 505 Customized Boyfriend Destroyed, Super Slouch Beanie 

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A big thanks to Alyssa Florentine for snapping these moments of me in my element.


  1. Madisyn! I’ve been a follower of yours since your interning days at Free People. I make sure to always check on the blog to see if you’ve posted and was pleasantly surprised today with this one! Love your DIY’s, decor posts, and inspiration. Featuring yourself in this one and the honesty of your words was so fun to see. Hope to see more… you should model!

  2. Such beautiful words and pictures to capture the feel of this season. Can’t wait till colder weather reaches NC so I can enjoy these sweaters! xx

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