Tune In: FP Escapes’ Andalucia Vibes

For your listening pleasure — from the FP Escapes retreat to Andalucia, Spain!

Spain is home to many time-honored musical traditions. From Flamenco to middle-eastern influences, Spanish music is as eclectic as it is vibrant. On our recent FP Escapes retreat to the land of light, we spent many of our days — and nights — dancing to the region’s captivating rhythms. Today’s playlist will take you along on the adventure…





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Should really have the song “Spanish Caravan” by The Doors on this playlist.

Oh, I typed too soon. Got it now.

yes!!! thats it is the tune!! Ashley got it!! the best free people team! we love you!
so exited to hear again this playlist!

These tunes are suitable for workouts, running, for example. I like…