Weekend Do: Create a Fall Simmer Pot

Relax with a spicy blend of earthiness…and celebrate the arrival of high autumn.

I’m currently bundled up in the living room, with no evening plans except to be and stay cozy. And from my stove top is emanating a spicy blend of earthiness, giving me the knowing that it’s fall.

Call me the Queen of Simmer Pots, please. When autumn rolls around, I become almost crazed with ideas on what I can possibly mix together to create interesting new scents. I have a few favorites, such as my Moroccon Amber Pot, and will definitely be adding this one to the list.

Typically, when buying simmer pot ingredients, one (like me) may buy them in bulk. So instead of letting them sit on your shelf til’ the end of time, I suggest making a batch of dry mix. Combine all of the ingredients (minus oil) in a bowl. Dish out a few scoops and put them in separate small linen pouches. They’ll come in handy when you need to gift friends or family in the current and upcoming season. Or, store a big batch for yourself, pre-made, to create a short cut for the next time you’d like a simmer pot, prep-free.


Harvest Spice Simmer Pot

What You Need:

Cinnamon sticks



Dried bean pods

Dried cockscombs

Dried orange slices *I baked mine with fresh ginger!

Fresh rosemary

Pepperberry oil

Wild rose hips


To start, fill a pot halfway with water. Add a couple (I added 4) drops of pepperberry oil. If you’ve never smelled this oil blend before, you’ve been missing out. This complex blend screams autumn, with traditional black pepper notes mixing into allspice, wildberries, oak, and a tiny hint of vanilla. Add the rest of the dry blend, adding as little or as much of certain ingredients that you like. Keep your stove on the warm/low setting, and let the pot simmer throughout the days and night.

This simmer pot conjures up a vision of harvest. The spiciness of the cloves, cinnamon, oil and coriander is perfectly bold, but settled with the sweet warmth of orange, rose hips and cockscombs. I love cooking with rosemary during these months, and was pleasantly surprised when I included it. It brought the pot full circle, keeping it tonal, fresh and earthy.


I challenge you to give the simmer pot a try this weekend — you won’t regret it. What scents do you love for fall? Any simmer pot ideas that I need to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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6 years ago

I just went out to the store and made this, couldn’t find the oil you used but the woman at Whole Foods suggested bergamot oil, she said it was similar in that it had peppercorn notes. Thanks for the inspiration – my house smells delightful, just in time for my friends arrival!

6 years ago

Looks amazing, I can just imagine the lovely fall scent! I love fall scents anything with pumpkin, cinnamon, and apples just gets me in the fall spirit :)



6 years ago

Feels veeeeery autumnal :-)

6 years ago

Yum! Giving this a shot today thank you.

6 years ago

It smelled incredible! I made this yesterday and the lingering scent is still in the air I never want it to go away! Thank you!

6 years ago

Lovely idea for autumn! <3