10 Things You Need To Do Before 2017

Less than seven weeks to go to make the most of this year…yes, SEVEN weeks.

I had a stark awakening the other day. The new year — yes, 2017 — is just around the corner… 51 days, to be exact. WHAT. Today I realize there are still so many things I want — and need — to accomplish in 2016. Won’t you check it out below and join me?

Visit your doctor or dentist. I admit, I am pretty lousy at following through with this particular thing. But, guys, our health — physical, mental, sexual, oral or otherwise — is beyond important. We need to take care of ourselves. And each other. Friends, make your friends go get a check-up. Keep them accountable in the name of love.

Deep clean your space. No one wants to do this, but just think about how refreshing it would be to wake up January 1 with a blank slate. No cob webs, no dust, no laundry. Just a clean start.

Donate unwanted items to charity or thrift stores. After your deep clean (including your closet, of course), take any unwanted items to a thrift store or donate them to charity. Not only are you reducing waste and helping those in need, making a charitable donation can also positively affect your tax return.

Look someone in the eye and tell them you love them. Yes, I’m being serious. It may be scary to fall vulnerable to your feelings, but intentionally and wholeheartedly telling your partner, parent, sister, brother, whomever, that you love them is one of the greatest things you can do. Ever. So don’t wait another day.

Write an honest letter to yourself. Try your best to recollect the year. Be honest, be kind and, above all, be proud of yourself. We all endure setbacks — write about what you learned and how your strength got you through. We also celebrate victories — pat yourself on the back with self-love and pride. There is no need to focus on spelling or grammar, just let your words flow.

Clean up your inbox, desktop, text messages and photos. Daunting, yes, but oh-so freeing. Make your favorite smoothie, put on your favorite album or throw on your headphones, get comfy and technically cut the clutter and free up some digital space for new memories.

Travel to a place you haven’t yet been. A dream vacation, a restaurant, a park, a campsite, your partner’s favorite beach… no matter where you go or what you do, just do it. Experience something new.

Compliment a stranger. Have you ever walked into work or a coffee shop and a complete stranger compliments you — your smile, outfit, shoes? It is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Or even better… have you ever seen the reaction of a stranger when you compliment them? Talk about a positive, warm and beautiful exchange. So why not make someone feel really good today? Go ahead, compliment them!

Watch the sun rise. It is the most peaceful time of day. Birds first start their chatter and cities slowly yawn and stretch their way out of bed. A soft glow starts to appear in the once navy sky. It is a perfect time to meditate, reflect, give thanks or set your intentions. Just you, your thoughts, and a rising sun.

Think ahead. 2017 is right around the corner. Start thinking about your new year’s intentions and goals. It doesn’t have to be a resolution list; it can look however you want it to. For me, I intend to travel more with the people I love. To make that a reality, I need to be financially strategic going forward. Being forword thinking ahead allows me to make the decisions now to impact my future.

+ What would you add to this list? Please share in the comments. 

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  1. Love this! Lots of great ideas. I am in the process of cleaning and decluttering my space right now. It’s pretty agonizing, but I try to just keep thinking about how great I feel about the parts I have finished already! Digital decluttering needs to happen soon… ugh!

  2. I love this! all too often we forget to say goodbye to the year that has been before greeting the year ahead of us.
    I love starting my year by writing a list of things i would like to do – it could be as simple as going to a few more concerts or something that will take more time – building up a meditation practice, perhaps :-) Then i give myself a mantra for the year.
    At the end of the year i look at my list and see how far i have come. Then i meditate and do a ceremony where i burn the list.
    This gives me a feeling of having a clean slate.
    love and peace!

  3. hi, i would add to learn something new, do a course or buy a book that will open your mind and continue it in 2017 :)
    belles you all

  4. I’d say yes to everything in this list. and you’re so on point on the order too! at least for me. i really need to see my dentist

  5. I have an old computer and broken laptop that I need to get all the files off. Also want to digitalise the majority of my photos (I have like 3 shoeboxes). So much effort Great list :) definitely complimenting a stranger today :)

  6. I most like the one: Write an honest letter to yourself. It’s so good to do this every year.
    I’ve been taking lot’s of notes the last 3 years, and rereading your goals is really refreshing and inspiring to see where you came from and where you are at the moment. You realise time flies. Compliment a stranger is also something I really like to do.
    thanks for these tips!

  7. Very very helpful! Thank you!!! ☯ I think if I actually tried to clean my inbox fully I might be sitting there til 2019 (but I will try!) :)

  8. Hey Kate! I actually bought it that day in Venice on my way to Trento, Italy, where this photo was taken. You can find similar scarves at thrift or vintage shops. Just make sure it’s long enough to tie ;) xx, Joanna

  9. Thanks for getting back to me, so nice! I just love it..,, if you are ever interested in selling it let me know!…. all the best to you Joanna, Kate

  10. It feels great to think about how we can be more helpful to others, but I’m worried that it’s really misleading to tell people to donate their clothes and feel as though that is helpful. Fast fashion has caused an immense amount of clothing waste that most people aren’t aware of, and charities are only able to sell 20% of what is donated to them, meaning the rest is sent to landfills – only 0.1% of that waste is recycleable. I know a fast fashion company isn’t going to promote this, but its best to be more thoughtful about where we spend our money clothing-wise than constantly plow through our wardrobes. It’s hard but I’m trying to be better about it!

  11. Thank you for such a thoughtful and comprehensive list for the end of 2016 things to do. I started my own but found that yours said it all. Like some others my budget doesn’t allow a trip to New Zealand and Australia, two places that will remain on my bucket list so a couple of day trips will have to suffice. Speaking of a budget….what budget you ask…. I will make one. …I will. If I can stick to it maybe my 2017’s savings account will allow that dream trip! Thank you for your wonderful blog. You have a new follower.

  12. Hi,
    I usually don’t comment on blog posts. However, I found this post deeply inspiring. Thank you so so much for sharing. I have a tough time dealing with time passing and New Years is usually one of the most dreaded events, followed by my birthday and Christmas (which all unfortunately take place within 5 weeks). But this post made me smile. Gave me hope. Which is one of the most beautiful ways of human interaction- giving someone hope. Thank you for that.

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