3 Ways to Spend An Extra Hour

The sun slowly regresses, making way for the moon’s turn to dazzle its eager audience with bright light and twinkling accompaniments…

This post comes to you from FP Jenna.

As temperatures drop to a cool crisp, so comes a gradual shift in our days. The sun slowly regresses, making way for the moon’s turn to dazzle its eager audience with bright light and twinkling accompaniments. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s the end of Daylight Savings Time, that much lauded/loathed event when most of us turn our clocks back at 2am. Although it may feel as though we are losing sunlight, we are simply experiencing light in a different pattern. Nevertheless, it’s important to bring awareness to this shift so that we can express gratitude for the coming months. When you wake up this Sunday, you will have an extra hour to do with whatever you want. I challenge you to do something different, to open up a new door in your life. Here are my top three suggestions for utilizing that extra time:


1. Work on you via personal development.

Oftentimes, the most productive way to spend our free time is to work on ourselves. Personal development can mean something totally different from person to person, but it all stems from the overarching goal to better yourself and enhance your energy. Personally, I find meditation, yoga and reading something inspiring to be very fulfilling. Sometimes, just sitting silently, observing the weather outside my window can be a meditative practice, allowing my thoughts to exit as I focus clearly on what’s in front of me. Another practice I strongly recommend is the use of positive affirmations. Think about something you want so deeply and so passionately that it fills you with a burning warmth. Write it on a piece of paper using only present tense statements (‘I am’) and repeat the affirmation out loud. Put it under your pillow, and let it fill your mind every morning and night as you imagine yourself when you achieve your goal. All of these practices are very powerful and can have profound impacts on your overall health and wellbeing. Spending an extra hour of time channeling your energy into YOU will not only welcome a calmer state of awareness, but will also leave you feeling charged and motivated, ready to manifest anything you dream of.  


2. Spend time outside.

Perhaps the greatest medicine too often overlooked is something that’s abundantly around us, patiently awaiting our arrival and company. It’s difficult to describe the effect that nature has our souls, other than it is pure magic. Spending time in a space away from external frequencies brings forth a primal state of being. Surrounded by so many daily distractions, we rarely take enough time to appreciate how beautiful and captivating this world is. It’s when I step into a deep forest that I do my best thinking. Soft hues of green and beige infiltrate my mind with new ideas and broader perspectives. When I stare out into a mountain range, I immediately feel humbled. The wind collects my worries as they dissipate through each ridge of the landscape, gently reminding me to have gratitude for my life and let go of what’s troubling me. And lastly, the oceanside. The fresh scent of salt and sea perfectly orchestrate the rhythm of the waves, each crash bringing an aroma to wash away your thoughts. Whether you live near trees, mountains or waves, experience the greatness yourself during your extra hour of time on Sunday.


3. Call a friend you haven’t reached out to in awhile.

Relationships are vital to our well-being. And as we get older, it becomes more common to lose touch with those we used to be very close to. Although we may think of these people from time to time, reaching out to see how they’re doing is rarer. Once someone leaves a mark on your life, they will always be important, whether you talk to them or not. I encourage you to spend an hour of your time reconnecting with someone from the past. I predict two things that will most likely come out of this: 1. You’ll make their day because you were thinking of them, and/or 2. You’ll learn something new.

Take your pick of one of the three, or try to do them all!  But whichever way you choose to spend your additional hour, I hope it’s filled with love, good intentions and happiness.

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wonderful blog.

4 years ago

I love spending time outside during autumn. I feel better than ever.

Making contact with people I have not met for some time is what I love most. I love hearing the stories I have not seen in a while

4 years ago

I love to walk outdoors. I feel free and renewed. Very good :)

4 years ago

thank you so much for your post! Truly helpful!

4 years ago

Opa that article was yourself that wrote completely changed my point of view

nice thanks for sharinf