3 Ways to Wear the Modern Femme Mini Skirt

Modern Femme, no matter what your style…

Whether you consider yourself a Lou, Ginger, Meadow, Candy, Sandy, or a little bit of each, we’ve got three looks for you, each incorporating our Modern Femme Mini Skirt. You can dress it up like Candy, expressing your girly and feminine side, or you can wear it casually like Lou. Pair the vegan version of the skirt with a distressed pair of Converse and a light bomber jacket give for some edge. And if you’re feeling more bohemian, the essence of FP girl Meadow will surely fill that need.  But, however you choose to wear Modern Femme, it will definitely make the perfect addition to any outfit.



+ How would you style the Modern Femme Mini Skirt? Share in the comments below!

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6 years ago

I love mini skirts.

6 years ago

Love the printed mini skirts!