4 Things That May Be Blocking Your Path to Wellness

Consider these pesky culprits that could be affecting your health…

This post comes to us from wellness expert, Tara Curran

You’ve changed your diet, you’re eating more home-cooked meals… you’re essentially making time for self-care, yet you’re still noticing pesky little face and body breakouts, skin rashes and/or low energy.

Here are 4 things you may (or may not) not realize might be affecting your overall health:

Toothpaste. Many traditional toothpastes are made with ingredients such as fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate, which have been linked to skin ailments and the decline of good bacteria in the mouth… Some studies also suggest that these same components may be attributed to cancer. If you’ve ever experienced breakouts around your mouth, your toothpaste should be the first to go. Look for an all-natural toothpaste made with baking soda, coconut oil, mint or other organic essential oils.

Food Allergies. Even though your food choices may be healthy, consider that some may be triggering a negative reaction in your body. To identify any potential allergies, start keeping a food journal. Make note of every thing that you consume, as well as how you feel after you eat it. Do you get an upset stomach? Are you bloated? Notice a rash on the skin or feel extra flushed and heated in the face? These can all be signs that something is not working for you.

Water. Not all water is created equal! Some may contain added particles which are potentially damaging to our health, like heavy metals and chlorine which can contribute to low energy levels and can throw off natural PH. Find a proper filtration system for your kitchen sink and even your shower heads to help remove these toxins.

Post-gym sweat. Yes, I’m guilty of driving straight home from the gym sans shower, which sometimes results in unwanted body breakouts. Sweat is essentially the release of toxins from underneath the skin, so it makes sense that we should clean house after a workout . If for whatever reason you can’t do a quick rinse, keep an all-natural wipe handy (try the essential Pai travel pack). Give yourself a quick swipe of the face, neck, back and arms before heading home to shower.


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yes! these are such great tips that so many people overlook! although i definitely would propose being cautious when taking fluoride out of your toothpaste regimen – keep an eye on those teeth, because often the benefits can outweigh the risks when it comes to cavities!


nice tips …i love it.


Yeah, I have been using natural toothpaste for the past 3 years, and now my teeth are *so* sensitive. And I have multiple cavities. So I actually switched back to a natural toothpaste with fluoride. Which is surprisingly hard to find!