5 Fitness Moves For The Adventurer


A workout for the adventurer in all of us…

This post comes from our friend and Australian fitness instructor, Tanya Poppett

Fitness is not confined to the walls of a gym. This workout is all about getting back to nature and making the most of this beautiful earth. Outdoor workouts are just as good for the mind as they are the body. Not only are we soaking up the vitamin D and boosting our endorphins, but we also more likely to practice mindfulness as we take in all that is around us.

For this workout all you will need is an elevated surface, like a large stable rock, small wall or bench. Complete 4 rounds of the following.

Single Leg Squat Crunch x 10 each side. This a great 2 for 1 exercise, as it works both the front and back of the legs as well as being an effective stability move for the core.


Transfer your weight into the heel of the right leg as you lift your left leg straight in front of you. Engage the left quad by flexing the toes towards the ceiling. Keep your chest lifted as you sit your bottom down toward the bench. Just as your bottom touches the bench you need to squeeze the right glute and drive yourself back up to standing. As you come up, bend the left leg and crunch your knee towards your right elbow. Once you have completed 10 on the right side, switch over to the left.

Step up Knee Drives x 10 each side. We are working glute stability, balance and coordination with this move, along with the added benefits of toning and strengthening.


Begin with a right leg elevated on the bench with your knee in line with your ankle (in front). Push up through the heel of your right leg as you bring your body up, drive the left knee up towards the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes as you come to the top and gently lower your left leg back down. Repeat 10 reps on the right side before moving onto the left.

Bent Over Kick Backs x 10 each side. This is another good toning exercise that works on lifting the booty and strengthening the core.


Bend at the hips, with your forearms flat against the surface, pulling up through the core to keep your back in a neutral position. Keep your left foot on the ground with a soft bend in the knee. Bring your right leg up, bending it so that the foot is in line with the standing knee. Squeeze your glutes as you push your right heel back until it is in one straight line with your hips. Slowly return to the starting positions Complete 10 reps in your right before moving to your left.

Push-up Knee Crunches x 5. Now we are moving on to the upper body, strengthening the arms, chest and core.


Begin in a push-up position, pulling up through the belly button to engage the core. Lead with the chest as you lower down into a push-up, keeping your shoulders in line with your wrist. As you push yourself back up, draw each of your knees in towards your chest, staying strong and controlled. This is one rep.

Single Leg Extension x 20. We will target the upper and lower abdominals with this final move.


Sit back using your hands as support. Make sure your chest remains lifted as you bring alternate knees into your chest, remembering to breathe throughout.

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