Behind the Seams: Limited Edition Dresses

Get an inside look at this season’s must-haves, courtesy of 3 of our fave designers…

In an effort to understand how a beautifully designed garment comes to fruition, we sat down with a few designers at Free People to hear about their inspiration, and take a look at their raw sketches!  These limited edition pieces are only available for a short period of time, and are surely one-of-a-kind!


Jill G’s Limited Edition Holiday Dress.

“I really loved the Elie Saab 2015 Couture show. I liked how feminine the silhouettes were — the layers of chiffon tiering over lace created such a nice, soft, romantic effect. I tried to recreate that feeling in my dress. Traditional Indian block printing inspired so much of this piece, especially a vintage cloth I picked up in New Delhi. I wanted to have that little touch of glam for holiday, so I added pronged gemstone embellishment on the skirt and a little hit of shine at the straps!”



Carolyn’s Limited Edition Holiday Mini.

Inspired by holiday in Paris.  I wanted this dress to be a reflection of a young Parisian girl — flirty, fun, yet coy.  Her eyes and smile say it all. My favorite part of Paris is walking down Rue Cremieux and seeing the colorful houses. I imagine seeing them when the snow starts to fall and they soften and twinkle. I wanted this to reflect in the dress, in the dance of the colorful sequins.  The subtle color blocking with fabric and colors add both depth and warmth. Instead of making a serious dress, I set out to create a show-stopper that she will have tons of fun in :).”



Keenan’s Limited Edition Dress.

“For the holidays I was very inspired by classic elegance and embellishment. I wanted to create a garment that was sexy and perfect for a special event. The gown features engineered embroidered threadwork with beaded artwork that contours to the body. The dress comes with a chocker & is finished with eyelash lace detailing, and was inspired by a gorgeous Israeli gown.  I wanted to create the same look and feeling for the Free People girl.”

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Hi, Jenna you have designed a beautiful dress.

Hi, Great job for publishing such a beneficial article.Your fashion trend Collection is very nice. it is additionally creative with high content too.And nice looking for all dress Appreciate your sharing this best posting.

Wow! Those dresses looks so beautiful and your designs are very fashionable! It’s a pity to meet these dresses so late.


These designs are nice, anyone know where I can get them heap?


I like the third one. I also like some Wedding Invitations that match it.

This is something highly creative and awesome I have seen after so long.

These designs are really great I just loved them.
keep it up