Get Cozy: A Spotify Playlist to Ease You Into Fall

For you — tunes for the shifting seasons…

The seasons turn over so quickly, as if with a simple flip of a switch. Consequently, our style changes — jackets and beanies make an annual appearance, dinner becomes warm and savory, and pumpkin and peppermint coffees rule the world.

Though more subtle, I find that my music preference changes with the season as well. My reggae records and Beach Boys’ albums take a temporary back seat to cozier, moody music like Bob Dylan, Kevin Morby and First Aid Kit. The playlist below is for the fireside-dwelling, Thanksgiving-cooking, road-tripping, and/or sweater-wearing music lovers. And be sure to share your favorite Fall songs in the comments to get them added to the playlist!

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3 years ago

So far I’ve been enjoying fall :-) Haven’t made an autumn playlist yet though.

Paul Watkins
3 years ago

Two fairly obvious seasonal choices…

Autumn Stone by The Small Faces
Autumn Sweater by Yo La Tengo

3 years ago

Love this playlist I just created a playlist themed for Fall as well <3

|| Much Love ||
Priscilla Ivette @