(De) Molding a Better You

This post comes from nutritionist and model, Courtney James.

Mention of the word mold usually conjures up an image of a neglected bathtub or something that’s lived in the back of the refrigerator a little too long. But, for me, it took on an altogether different meaning recently. A visit to my kinesiologist confirmed that mold was coercing through my body and, in doing so, creating health ailments and potential emotional disturbances. Unfortunately, upon further research, it seems that mold has become somewhat of an epidemic in our society, and an issue often overlooked and not considered seriously.

Kinesiologists (those who study physical activity and human movement, and explore their impact on health, society, and quality of life) test your body’s immediate response to certain questions, foods and supplements via muscles and energy. By applying pressure on different parts of the body, kinesiologists can determine weak functioning of individual organs, while even discerning emotions and where they’re being stored in the body — pretty awesome, huh? They can also identify from where that emotion originated (the exact age you were when that first trauma occurred) and better yet, help to clear it! I had emotions to clear, no doubt, but mold was creating so much imbalance that feeling clarity and peace was so much harder to achieve than it would’ve otherwise been.

I’ll admit, I was somewhat skeptical of its’ precision. But I kept my appointment, arrived with an open mind and decided no harm, no foul. My doctor informed me that my body was severely dehydrated and that most of my organs, including my gallbladder, liver, intestines as well as my hormones and thyroid, weren’t functioning properly as a result of the presence of mold.

Mold can be both breathed in through our environments as well as consumed through the foods we eat. Even a minute amount can prevent our bodies from functioning optimally, and it is difficult to get rid of on its own.

For years I have dedicated myself to eating nutritionally dense food, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep to rejuvenate and heal adequately, to offset my chaotic lifestyle. But the reality was, my body wasn’t able to garner my foods’ fueling nutrients, and my cells remained “dry” despite the large quantities of water I was consuming. And though I made sure to give my body the good bacteria to keep my gut in check, I would wake up most mornings with allergies.

My kinesiologist administered an extensive array of supplements: neem (antifungal, antimicrobial), noni (also known as morinda) and pau d’arco to destroy the mold; as well as enzymes to address dehydration; and hormone regulating herbs including chaste tree and raspberry leaf. As part of my treatment, the doctor also monitored my body’s response to these medications to ensure they worked, and at the right dosage.

In addition, I was instructed to adapt an antifungal diet, and avoid foods likely to be mold-contaminated — mushrooms, tomatoes, berries (my favourite, unfortunately…), fermented foods, citrus, nuts (particularly peanuts), corn, alcohol, sprouts and dairy — as well as limit my  sugar intake, as mold toxicity often results in candida (yeast) overgrowth. The elimination diet, daunting at first, has become second-nature, and resulted in a massive jump in my energy levels (definitely the most noticeable difference). There was just no going back.

If you suffer from any of the aforementioned, I encourage you to get tested for mold. The improvements I felt in mental clarity, energy and emotional control was so great that I want others to improve, too!

*As with any change in diet/routine, please first consult a professional for a review of what’s best for YOU!

Many blessings, light and wellness vibes to you all,


Follow Courtney here and via Instagram, or email her at: courtney@lovingliferaw.com

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6 years ago

How the hell do you hire a kinesiologist to get tested for mold?! That’s not in the average working person’s insurance coverage.

6 years ago

I am all for some free people health, but Im not sure about this one. It seems a little hoax-y and kind of like someone told you that you need to buy a lot of supplements and keep coming back to him by telling you you are full of mold. Yuck! It sounds like you are healthy and take good care of your body, im not sure how much I would trust this guy!

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this! I love seeing alternative and natural health shared in a positive light and especially on FP blog. This was a nice reminder to refocus my health and treat my body with more respect and care. Ultimately, another way to self-love.