Make: Herb Bundle Thanksgiving Invite

Hosting Thanksgiving at your home? In keeping with the spirit of giving, here’s an invite idea you should try…

The holiday season is here, and I couldn’t be more excited. I love spending time with all of my favorite people, every stinkin’ bit of the cheerful decor that I see, the autumn smells and, of course, the food. We all know by now how “Buddy-The-Elf” I am about them, so I think it’s due time to spread some cheer. Are you hosting Thanksgiving at home this week? If so, I’ve got something special for you.

Last year, I created a DIY invitation that my guests kept raving about, so I felt some pressure this year to create something equally as good, or better… something personal and hands-on. This week, we’ll all be in the kitchen, whipping up our favorite recipes, and I wanted to be part of each and every dish. I’m in love with the way herbs make a meal breathe — the aroma, color and, of course, flavor. So, I decided to send herbs. As my invite. A gift, from me to my guest, to join me around the table this year. My invitation will be used in each and every recipe, and I love that.


Herb Bundle Invite

The shopping list is pretty small… I had everything in my craft cabinet but the fresh herbs.

What You Need:




Craft Paper

Bakers Twine

Black Pen

Bundle. Create bundles for each guest that will be joining you this Thanksgiving. I have people arriving from eight different homes, so I bought herbs accordingly. Combine sage, rosemary and thyme in a sweet little spriggy bundle.


Scribble. On a strip of craft paper, simply write out the invite. Include a fun phrase, time and date. It doesn’t have to be perfect — just make it your own and have fun. This one I wanted to keep more low-key and personal. Feel free to add a little something to incite dinner ideas for your guests.

Knot. Wrap the craft paper around the herbs, covered by a second piece of craft paper to secure the ink. Tie and knot together with some twine or ribbon of your choice. I wrote each guest’s name on the outside of the bow for one last touch.

Deliver. This is the bitter but sweet part. Because these are mailman unfriendly, you should ideally hand deliver each invitation to your guest’s mailbox or doorstep. As much effort as this may be, it truly adds a personal and caring touch to your invitation, proving how thankful you are for each and every one of them.

The outcome of my invitation was everything I could ever have hoped for, and more. I had already texted and gathered my guestlist via iPhone, weeks prior to the meal, which gave me time to deliver them a few days before our gathering — keeping the herbs, and excitement, nice and fresh.


+ Will you be hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year? What herbs would you put in the bundle? Let me know in the comments!

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4 years ago

Yes! Finally a DIY post on here like the old times, I’ve been hoping to see one eventually :-)

Love that I’ve never seen this idea before and think I’ll try it out! Miss seeing diys and decor thanks for posting this!!

4 years ago

Making these tonight to deliver tomorrow before cooking day, thanks for the idea! I love the organic factor these bring!

4 years ago

I like very much your ideas. Tomorrow I’ll hold a workshop about wrapping ideas and I’ll share it.
Thank you

3 years ago

Everyone should check out these ideas of thanksgiving gift..

3 years ago

I never put much thought into creating a Thanksgiving herb bundle until now, that is a great idea.

3 years ago

Your post is awesome

2 years ago

Very good this post, I really enjoyed the wealth of details!

1 year ago

nice work