FP Escapes: The Berkshires Cleanse

 An inside look at the three-day, Ayurveda-inspired cleanse, in the beautiful Berkshires…

FP Escapes + the Berkshires = healing and restorative energy.
Take a peek into our most recent retreat — and learn how you, too, can adopt an Ayurvedic routine when it’s time for a reset.
We awoke with the sun every morning, ensuring that our opening minutes allowed us time to set intentions. We practiced morning dinacharya and welcomed the day with warm and nourishing aloe and lime drinks as we set to journaling and reflection before yoga.
We flowed into mindful movement and meditation to open our hearts and balance our doshas for the season.
With a purpose to keep hydrated throughout the day, we sipped warm water after yoga practice and before eating. It’s important to avoid gulping or chugging water during meal times as this weakens agni, essential digestive fire. As we ate breakfast, we practiced eating with mindfulness, chewing fully and understanding how each bite made us feel.
We enjoyed a large bowl of kitchari for lunch, adorning our dishes with chutneys, avocado, lime juice and cilantro. Lunch was the largest meal of the day, being mindful to eat as much as we needed to feel satisfied and to avoid snacking between meals. Between meals, we sipped warm water and herbal tea.
This was a beautiful time to rest, reflect, write and take in the surrounding nature. We went for gentle walks through the woods and made use of the wood-fired sauna on-site at Earthdance. Some rested, listening to their bodies essential needs and honoring their rhythm. Vata period of the day runs between 2-6pm, making this a time when conscious rest and restorative activities.
Again, for dinner, we enjoyed kitchari with chutneys and garnishes of choice.
By 9pm, we diminshed our use of electronics, turning off anything with a screen to avoid blue light stimulation. Before bed, we took 1-2 triphala tablets and spent a few minutes massaging oil into the bottoms of our feet before putting on socks. This promotes a calming and grounding effect for better sleep.
Cleanse Plan & Guidance by Claire Ragozzino
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4 years ago

So beautiful! As a proud Berkshire native, I’m so glad so many amazing women got to experience the natural, spiritual beauty of Western Mass!


4 years ago

This looks exceptionally cultish/similar to the Source family-photograph, lol. Also kind of interesting to think about the historical/virgin-esque purity values/signifiers of all-white dresses on a group of women, especially as it relates to a cleanse retreat…

4 years ago

I was living in Mass for 5 years. So much like these places!