A Night to Gather

Bringing together the magic of Free People with the power and majesty of whole foods…

FP Gather is rooted in the belief that vitality begins with what we eat. Using local, seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables, nutrient rich grains, and limiting our intake of processed foods, our focus shifts to the nutritional properties of each ingredient to create pure, simple and inspiring dishes. The food we share will both nourish the body and bring beauty to those it serves.

In celebration of both the upcoming holiday and Gather, we recently hosted an intimate group of friends and FP family via NY’s The Foundry. Our own chef Greg Glowatz curated the impeccable vegetarian menu, including this roasted beet salad, that truly defines farm-to-table.




Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres gave way to a communal dinner shared under a twinkling cascade of lights and fresh cut greens. Befitting for a spark of magical conversation and soul-nurturing, thanks in part to our wonderful wine accompaniment: Malvira Roero Nebbiolo Trinita Riserva 2010, La Spinetta Toscana Vermentino 2015, Contratto for England Rose Brut 2010.



Look for FP Gather to further spread its love through FP Escapes, on the blog, as well as future dining events.

+ Thank you to the Foundry, Chef Greg and our wine purveyors for an incredible evening. We hope to see — and nourish — more of you soon.

Photos by Jillian Guyette.

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So cozy love the decor and atmosphere!




Question: why are all your workers white?


Just stumbled on this beautiful post. What a lovely event. It’s unfortunate that the first thing that was immediately addressed was race; that’s what’s severely wrong with this country. My dear, we are a diverse melting pot of ancestors that connect like the roots from an elder oak tree. Everyone wants equality, etc etc but become blind to their own prejudices. Yes, it’s a two way street and you dear are in the wrong here. If you took the two seconds necessary to focus in on the big picture (literally and figuratively) you would see that there is a diverse… Read more »


Wow! I wish that there was such an event here in Los Angeles!! <3


@anonymous Seriously. First thing I noticed.


Maybe because they live in a winter climate where there’s an influx of light skinned humans? I feel like a lot of businesses intentionally try to have a beautiful array of diverse humans, when sometimes it’s quite hard just because of the mass amounts of white people running around. Like, we all want to catch all the beautiful Pokemon, but not everyone can when statistically some are rarer than others.


Statistically speaking, white people are increasingly becoming the minority. Yet this is not reflected in Free People’s catalogues or hiring practices. Just look at their social media accounts that try to promote jobs, it’s so rare to see workers who are Persons of Color. If the staff of a single store is 9 or so girls, you can literally count the so called diversity on your hand.


Here’s some actual statistics so we don’t keep just saying “statistics” without citing anything: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_ethnicity_in_the_United_States First of all, I am not heated in any way, and I think it’s really important to have discussions on observations about society because that’s how things change! So let’s totally keep the conversation going! I’m personally trying to avoid repeating things I’ve heard said before. I am trying to have fresh revelation in this moment as I sit and dwell. I am open to any fresh thought, from anyone who continues this conversation. It seems like people rarely actually want to discuss race/societal issues.… Read more »

We’ve arrived at the end of the line and I have what I need!


thanks for nothing.


When will u do this again?

Leslie Saunders

I would love to be a part of anything you do in New York City or the burbs!
I am so pleased I found your company,events and more….I am sharing all of
Your great ideas with my family, friends and colleagues……here and abroad!!!!!
Count me in with anything you do please !!!!!!! I simply adore you all!!!!! SIMPATICOIIIIII Looking forward to more and more!!!!!! SMOOCHES……..Les