FP Presents: Dream Girl

For many years Free People has told love stories — we wanted to explore what a love story could look like in the near future….

Humans use technology to improve their lives, to forge connections, to create time that doesn’t exist, to replace real interactions. When we devise a second version of ourselves on social media, do we lose a piece of our true selves in the process? Do our digital connections threaten our real life relationships? What happens if the filtered characters we’ve imagined take on a life of their own? 

Director: Lauren Cohan
Executive Producer: Abby Morgan
Screenplay: Lauren Cohan, Alex Holcomb, Alexander Dipersia
Producer: Emily Bonner
Producer: Arielle Davis
Producer: Priya Satiani
1st Assistant Director: Charlie Hicks
Assistant to Director/Creative Director: Kamaryn Potter
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff
1st AC: Ezra Bassin-Hill
2nd AC: Ryan Grzelak
Steadicam: Aaron Gantt
DIT: Margaret Parus
Gaffer: Lee Narby
Best Boy Electric: Ryan Figueroa
Electric: Adam Leene
Key Grip: Stephan Carrillo
Best Boy Grip: Stephan Ji
Grip: Jesse Stratton
Sound Mixer: Kevin Bazell
Boom: Kevin Terrado
Boom: Greg Ellis
Production Designer: Tom castronovo
Set Dresser: Francesca Palombo
Art Department Assistant: Travis Witkowski
Art Department Assistant: Alex Farkas
Vanities: Sunny Brooks
Vanities Assistant: Vanessa Gomez
Vanities Assistant: Amanda Ortiz
Wardrobe Stylist: Amanda Greyson
Wardrobe Assistant: Mackenzie Grandquist
Wardrobe Assistant: Kale Teter
Key Production Assistant: Mark Belko
PA-Production: Andy Cowell
PA-G/E: Tanner Lyon
PA-Crafty: Ray Schmeig
PA-Crafty: Jonathan Brock
PA-Camera: Giles O’Kane
Script Supervisor: Jillian Terwedo
Post Production: The Mill
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Post Production Producer: Carl Walters
Colorist: Michael Rossiter
Mixer: Dan Flosdorf / Heard City
VFX: Deluxe
VFX Supervisor: Zachary Cole
Location Rep (SCI-ARC): Andrew Werner
Casting: Priya Satiani
Special thanks: Ben Younger, Jacques Naude, Colin Moneymaker, Zu-Al-Kadiri, Blake Whitman

Alex: Alexander Dipersia
Nora: Margaret Qualley
Ryan: Eric Murdoch
Jessica: Madeline Zima
Jack: Sterling Sulieman
Abby: Davida Williams
Cleo: Hannah Sorensen
Theo: Josh Upshaw
Lena: Meredith Hagner

Camera: Panavision
Trucking: Galpin
Production EQ: Castex

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6 years ago

So intriguing! Enjoyed every second of it… can’t wait for part 2!

6 years ago

Beautiful! Like a romantic sci-fi short story. I love this and am breathlessly waiting for part two!

6 years ago

This is so beautifully done- I’m itching to see what happens. Whose music was used for the soundtrack?

Aida Brock
6 years ago

I’m dying to see part 2! What an amazing film. So well done. Great work!

6 years ago


6 years ago

we need a DR

6 years ago

Was für eine wunervolle Hibellsmildersammmungen. Ich sehe Figuren und Himmelsspiegelungen finde ich besonders schön. Ich bin auch eine große Himmelsguckerin, nur nicht so der Projektmensch ;-)VG April

6 years ago


Oi, det var kjempeflott, du. Og ja, jeg ser dragen :-)Ha en fin fin fredag!PS! Mitt er tatt i pÃ¥skeuken, fra kirkegÃ¥rden ved flyplassen i Molde, jeg sto ikke under flyet….

6 years ago

Until I found this I thought I’d have to spend the day inside.

5 years ago

Hei Moa venn! SÃ¥ skjønne farger. At naturen lager den vakreste kunst er det liten tvil om…Bildet av hunden din med teppene var bare helt nyyydelig. Ha en fin ukestart!!Go`klem fra Maia

5 years ago

This is probably true all over the urban US anyway. Young people don’t make things with their hands anymore unless you include typing. Sewing, carving, pottery, model building painting or just about any arts and crafts are no longer part our our teens’ routines. Teens are no longer exposed to the auto shop, wood shop, metal shop and graphics and arts as teens in school as was my generation. A screwdriver, hammer and pliers are about the only tools they could manage to use.Can’t use a simple ruler for anything either.

4 years ago

I loved this short film and can’t believe how I still think about it (almost 2 years later). I need the second part ASAP! The curiosity and confusion are overwhelming.