Lead with Love

With the seemingly endless clashes we currently face, it’s important to remember these two words every morning…

This post comes to you from our intern, FP Jenna.

Unity (n.): The joining of different pieces to form a cohesive whole / oneness: In order to win the game, the coach called for greater unity between the players.

One of the oldest words in human history is just as important to understand now than it was in the past. In fact, it’s undoubtedly the most important word in any language to not only understand, but to implement. How can a word so small in stature, pack such magnitude in meaning and impact?  

I’ve recently started to study this word in different ways. When I go to work, am I communicating well with others to work as an effective, cohesive team? When I go about my day, am I treating those around me with kindness, regarding every individual person as an intricate part of a complex whole? When I wake up each morning, am I taking the time to give gratitude for my loved ones, the nature outside my window, and the animals that live amongst us? For each living being weaves a thread in our collective consciousness. These questions help keep me grounded, fair and open.  But now, what’s the opposite of unity?


The first word that comes to my mind is Division (n.): The separation of different parts, from a whole. Interesting contrast, right?  With so much of the world at odds over their ideas and beliefs, it’s important to remember these two words every morning. While our differences are very beautiful, an opposing belief has nothing to do with the amount of love that lies inside someone.  When we put our egos to the side and see people as our brothers, our sisters and our equals, we can achieve more cohesiveness as a race. Progress as a society begins with unity, and ends with division.  

So, how are you leading each day?

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Annie steel
4 years ago

Getting better together

4 years ago

this was a really beautiful post. definitely made me reflect on a few things.


4 years ago

Great post to read on a Monday morning, great start to the week!