Reloved at Rock Center

A night of celebration in honor of our newest vintage collaboration… 

Last Thursday night marked the launch of our exclusive new vintage line, Reloved at our Rock Center store, one of five select locations who received these embellished one-of-a kinds. Champagne and hors d’oeuvres flowed through the crowd who came by to see what the fuss was all about. Jackets, jeans and sweaters touched with a little extra love comprised the collection — from a sequined pair of Carhartts to unique textiled crewnecks, it was hard not to take every piece home for myself.




Ali, our vintage buyer, is one-half of the team behind Reloved, and stopped by to offer insight on the origin of each piece and how it came to life. Guests crowded around asking her the who’s, what’s and why’s on all things vintage.





Available while they last, you can shop Reloved at our Rock Center, Fashion Valley, Studio City, Portland and Boston locations.

+ What’s your fave vintage piece? Tell us about it below!!

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7 years ago

Beautiful pieces! Love the extra touches.

7 years ago

Love it! These are so beautiful ❤️

7 years ago

Great collections of jacket, jeans & sweaters love to see these pieces specially the fast and last one is very attractive and unique in their design.

7 years ago

I have a Bob Marley tshirt that I adore. I wear it with jeans (of course) and also Mock tied (using a hair band) with a skirt, with leggings and a long sweater …

7 years ago

Gorgeous post! Love all the embroidery.